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Tater Tot Brands: 15 Worth a Try

H.J. Heinz currently owns the trademark to “tater tots” so technically there is only one brand of original tater tots on the market. We will talk about that brand later in this article. However, many companies have copied the original and called them something different (i.e. potato puffs). We will also discuss those products as […]

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Do They Still Make Kid Cuisine?

Older Kid Cuisine Box – Mike Mozart/flickr If you were a kid or parent in the 1990s, you likely remember Kid Cuisine. They were frozen dinners made with kid-friendly foods and packaging. The big draw for many children was the desserts such as chocolate pudding or brownies. We suspect that the dessert was first to

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Strawberry Ice Cream Brands

Strawberry ice cream certainly isn’t the most popular flavor out there but it is undoubtedly loved by many. It is the most popular fruit-based ice cream in the United States and often ranks in the top five in many polls for favorite ice cream flavor. Given its popularity, we decide to put together the below

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