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Pepsi vs Coke Caffeine

Pepsi and Coke are inarguably the most popular colas in the world. Needless to say, they have been compared countless times through the years. Well, we are going to compare them once again. This time the topic is the amount of caffeine in Pepsi vs Coke. Pepsi vs Coke Caffeine As the table below shows, …

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Strawberry Ice Cream Brands

Strawberry ice cream certainly isn’t the most popular flavor out there but it is undoubtedly loved by many. It is the most popular fruit-based ice cream in the United States and often ranks in the top five in many polls for favorite ice cream flavor. Given its popularity, we decide to put together the below …

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Does Coke Zero Have Caffeine?

Yes, Coke Zero has caffeine. The table below shows the caffeine content of various popular serving sizes of the soda. The caffeine in Coke Zero is considered low in comparison to other beverages. Coke Zero Caffeine Content Serving Size Caffeine(mg) Caffeine(mg)/fl oz 7.5 fl. oz. 21 2.8 12 fl. oz. 34 2.83 13.2 fl. oz. …

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