11 Top Frozen Pancake Brands – Brands To Try At Least Once

Our busy schedules don’t always allow us to whip up homemade pancakes when we want them. Fortunately, there are several frozen pancake brands out there that can quickly be heated to satisfy nearly any pancake craving.

Here are 11 brands of pancakes to consider for your next breakfast:

Frozen Pancake Brands


Website: bantambagels.com

Similar to Kodiak Cakes featured below, Bantam Bagels made an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank where they pitched their product – “bagel balls filled with cream cheese”. Yum! They made a deal with investor Lori Greiner, which helped sales rapidly increase and get their product into many stores. View this YouTube video to see Bantam’s rise from making bagels out of a family kitchen into a nationwide success.

Today, the company has expanded well beyond bagels. They also make pizza bites, egg bites, and pancake bites. The Bantam Pancake products are:

  • Blueberry (Stuffed with Sweet Lemon Cream)
  • Chocolate Chip (Stuffed with Buttered Maple Cream)
  • Homestyle (Stuffed with Buttered Maple Cream)
  • Magic Unicorn (Stuffed with Colorful Sweet Cream)

Belgian Boys

Website: belgianboys.com

Belgian Boys was launched by “Skinny & Chubby” in 2014. These men grew up in Belgium but later moved to New York City. They realized the city was lacking some of the delicious classic Belgian foods, which was their inspiration to start the company. While the Belgian Boys logo is certainly manly, the company is considered “Women-Owned” having a majority female workforce.

Belgian Boys makes bite-sized fluffy pancakes as shown in the image above. If you prefer a thinner panake, they also made frozen Belgian crepes.


Website: leggomyeggo.com

This iconic Kellogg breakfast food brand is best known for its waffles. This is especially true after the popular Netflix shows, “Stranger Things”, has helped boost sales over recent years. The waffles were first found in stores in 1953 and were marketed under their original name, “Froffles”. Fans of these waffles took notice of their egg flavor and began soon calling them “Eggos”. The company took notice and in 1955 they changed the product’s name to “Eggo”.

Eggo produces the following pancakes:

  • Blueberry
  • Buttermilk
  • Chocolatey Chip
  • Minis Buttermilk
  • Bites Chocolatey Chip

Note that Eggo does release limited-edition flavors throughout the year such as Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes around Christmas time or Pumpkin Pie flavor in the fall.


Website: dewafelbakkers.net

This company originated in Holland as a bakery before it began importing its famous waffles to the U.S. in 1984. The waffles were such a success in America that in 1986 production began in Arkansas using the waffle recipe from Holland. Pancake production eventually began in 1994 as a result of De Wafelbakkers success with its waffle products.

The company makes these pancake products today:

  • Buttermilk
  • Blueberry
  • Mini Buttermilk
  • Chocolate Chip

Earth’s Best

Website: earthsbest.com

The parents out there may recognize Earth’s Best for being more than just a frozen pancake brand. The company makes numerous infant and toddler products such as pureed foods, formula, toddler foods, diapers, and much more. Many of the products are organic including its mini pancakes. The company makes blueberry and homestyle pancakes.

Good Food Made Simple

Website: goodfoodmadesimple.com

Good Food Made Simple gets a lot of credit for thinking outside the box with its frozen pancake options. The company makes bite-size Belgian-style pancake puffs. 36 frozen puffs come in a bag and they are ready in under five minutes. Non-GMO ingredients are used for these frozen fluffy pancakes.

Good Food Made Simple makes the following frozen pancake puffs:

  • Original Puffs
  • Chocolate Chip Puffs
  • Banana Puffs

Jimmy Dean

Website: jimmydean.com

Jimmy Dean began in 1969 by the TV host/actor/singer Jimmy Dean and his brother Don. Dean was the spokesman for the brand, appearing in several commercials through the years. He decided to make his own sausage brand after eating a lower quality breakfast sausage in a restaurant and thinking the market most certainly must have room for a premium sausage maker.

Jimmy Dean makes several breakfast items with pancakes. These products include:

  • Mini Maple Pancakes and Maple Sausage Bites
  • Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick
  • Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick
  • Maple Pancake & Sausage Snack Size Sandwiches
  • Pancakes & Sausage Bites


Website: kidfresh.com

Kidfresh makes kids’ favorite foods with high-quality ingredients that include “hidden veggies” to help with the difficult task of getting children to eat nutritiously. For example, the company makes buttermilk pancakes that include pureed veggies. They also make blueberry pancakes made with real blueberries.

Kodiak Cakes

Website: kodiakcakes.com

Kodiak Cakes started with a whole wheat pancake mix that the CEO, Joel Clark, would sell door-to-door as a kid. The mix was invented by his mother who would prepare brown paper bags of the mix with the recipe hand-written on the bags. Many years later, the company appeared on the hit TV show, Shark Tank where they ended up turning down the investors’ offers. However, not all was lost. The company gained great exposure from the show and sales boomed.

Today, Kodiak Cakes is more than just pancakes. Other items made by the company include such things as oatmeal packets, baking mixes, pancake syrups, and graham crackers.

They make the following frozen flapjack & waffles mixes:

  • Buttermilk Power Flapjacks
  • Chocolate Chip Power Flapjacks
  • Maple Brown Sugar Power Flapjacks


Website: pillsbury.com

Pillsbury makes Homestyle and Buttermilk frozen pancakes. The company is a trusted name is baked goods being in business approximately 150 years. Pillsbury is known for its quality products at reasonable prices. These pancakes should not disappoint anyone who enjoys other Pillsbury products.


Website: vansfoods.com

Van’s Foods specializes in manufacturing natural foods primarily related to frozen breakfast and snack items. They start on the California coast where at Van’s Foods restaurant the company was known for its whole grain and gluten-free waffles.

All Van’s pancakes listed below are dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, corn-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified expect for the Homestyle Pancakes. Those pancakes are only nut-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. See the package for official details.

Van’s makes the following pancake products:

  • Protein Original Pancakes
  • Protein Chocolate Pancakes
  • Gluten-free Original Pancakes
  • Simply Wholesome Homestyle Pancakes

Final Thoughts

The above represents a diverse selection of frozen pancake brands. We believe that most readers will find at least one brand that will be a favorite around the breakfast table for years to come.