Do They Still Make Kid Cuisine?

Older Kid Cuisine Box – Mike Mozart/flickr

If you were a kid or parent in the 1990s, you likely remember Kid Cuisine. They were frozen dinners made with kid-friendly foods and packaging. The big draw for many children was the desserts such as chocolate pudding or brownies. We suspect that the dessert was first to be eaten in many households.

While many people remember these as the first frozen dinners for kids, Libbyland Dinners actually launched the original frozen meals geared toward children in 1971. Kid Cuisine wasn’t introduced until 1990 by Conagra Foods who undoubtedly learned from the successes and failures of the Libbyland brand.

Kid Cuisine quickly became regarded as the “Happy Meal” of the freeze section. Its kid-focused commercials, like this one featuring BJ the penguin (now KC) and the chef, helped keep 90s moms buying more at the request of kids.

Do They Still Make Kid Cuisine?

The good news, for people looking for a bit of nostalgia or a tasty kids’ meal, is that they still make Kid Cuisine. The Kid Cuisine website lists the following five meals that are currently being made by Conagra Brands:

Kid Cuisine MealWhat’s in it?
All-Star Chicken Breast Nuggets100% Natural Chicken Nuggets, Corn, Mac & Cheese, Fudge Brownie
All American Chicken Breast Nuggets 100% Natural Chicken Nuggets, Corn, Mac & Cheese, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Catch A Wave Mac & CheeseMac & Cheese, Corn, Strawberry Cake
Pop Star Popcorn Chicken100% Natural Chicken, Corn, French Fries, Strawberry Cake
Carnival Mini Corn DogsMini Corn Dogs, Fries, Corn, Fudge Brownie

Where To Buy Kid Cuisine?

Kid Cuisine meals are readily available in the freezer section at many grocery stores. You can visit to find out where to purchase these classic dinners near you. Be sure to sort by the product you wish to buy for the most accurate information.

Poll: Pick a Favorite Kid Cuisine

Given the topic of this article, we realize that most readers likely haven’t had Kid Cuisine in a while or possibly ever. However, let’s have some fun! Please vote for the Kid Cuisine meal you would select at the grocery store if you only could pick one. Reference the table above to see descriptions of each meal.