17 Hash Brown Brands to Elevate Your Breakfast Game

Hash browns are potentially the ultimate breakfast side. They are certainly a favorite of many households in North America and beyond.

The wonderful thing about hash browns is that the store-bought kind is routinely better than anything that most home cooks can produce in the kitchen. Who wants to deal with the hassle of shredding potatoes, anyway?

There are many hash brown brands to select from in most grocery stores. Whether these hash browns are frozen, dry, or fresh, it is difficult to go wrong with most brands out there.

Here are 17 brands of hash browns to consider for your next breakfast that can potentially be served with some eggs, toast, and a glass of orange juice.

Brands of Hash Browns


Website: alexiafoods.com

Alexia was built on the idea of elevating the side dish to be on par with the main dish. Chef Alex set out to produce these side dishes with top-notch ingredients and superb seasoning that would keep customers coming back for more. The company’s hash browns are no exception.

Alexia makes the following hash brown products:

  • Organic Hashed Browns
  • Yukon Select Hashed Browns with Onion, Garlic & White Pepper

Bob Evans

Website: bobevansgrocery.com

Bob Evans began as a sausage company that was started by none other than Bob Evans in 1948. The first Bob Evans restaurant opened in Ohio in 1962. It wasn’t until 1997 that the famous Bob Evans mashed potatoes and mac & cheese hit grocery store shelves.

Today, Bob Evans is the leader in refrigerated dinner sides and one of the top producers of sauce, bacon, and frozen convenience foods.

Bob Evans produces the following hash browns:

  • Shredded Hash Browns
  • Home-Style Hash Browns (unseasoned)

Cascadian Farms

Website: cascadianfarm.com

Cascadian Farm started in the Cascade Mountains in 1972. Gene Kahn, the founder, was on a mission to farm organically without harming the earth. He became one of the pioneers in the soon booming organic farming industry. Cascadian Farm was acquired by General Mills in 2000 and now offers over 75 organic products, making the company one of the leaders in organic foods.

The company makes the following frozen hash brown products:

  • Organic Hash Browns
  • Organic Root Vegetable Hash Browns with Yukon Gold Potatoes, Carrots, & Sweet Potatoes

Dr. Praeger’s

Website: drpraegers.com

Dr. Praeger’s was started by Dr. Peter Praeger and Dr. Eric Somberg in 1994. Being heart surgeons, the two men clearly knew the importance of healthy eating before launching their business. From the beginning, Dr. Praeger’s was based on producing sensible frozen foods that were nutritious, but also tasty.

Dr. Praeger’s makes the following frozen hash browns:

  • Four Potato Hash Browns
  • Southwest Hash Browns
  • Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Golden Grill

Golden Grill is the dehydrated hash brown brand that you can often find at Sam’s Club and Costco in a large 2+ pound cartons. The ingredients are dry potato, salt, dextrose, and sodium bisulfite to preserve freshness.

Hamburger Helper

Website: bettycrocker.com/products/helper

Most people likely recognize Hamburger Helper for being more than just a hash brown brand. In fact, many people probably don’t even know that Hamburger Helper makes hash browns. The company recommends ground sausage as an alternative to ground beef to mix into the hash browns pictured above. You can also add scrambled eggs, onion, and green pepper for more flavor.

Hungry Jack

Website: hungryjackpotatoes.com

Hungry Jack Potatoes has been around since 1967 with its first product being mashed potatoes. They make dry hash browns made with 100% real potatoes. To prepare these hash browns, you add hot tap water as instructed on the carton. You let the hash browns sit in the water for about 12 minutes. The hash browns are then ready to cook in a non-stick skillet with oil.


Website: idahoan.com

Idahoan is the hash brown brand to consider if you are looking for a dehydrated option. Its hash browns are made with 100% real Idaho potatoes that have been freshly cut before packaging. The company has been in the dehydrated potato business since 1951 so it’s safe to say that they have perfected the process for a superior product in the category.

Idaho Spuds

Website: idahospuds.com

Idaho Spuds are a dehydrated hash brown brand worth a try for your next breakfast. In typical dry hash brown fashion, you add water to them, let them sit, then fry. The dehydration process is said to lock in the flavor of these potatoes when they are picked at their peak of freshness. You’ll receive a top-notch flavor without the worry of freezer burn.


Website: mccainpotatoes.com

McCain is the king of frozen potato products, not only in Canada where they are headquartered but the world. They are globally the largest manufacturer of frozen potato products and being based in six continents. McCain makes shredded hash browns and mini potato hash browns (baby cakes), among other related products.

Mr. Dell’s

Website: mrdells.com

The company was launched in 1969 as a produce brokerage company. In the 1970’s, the company started making and selling refrigerated hash browns. However, these fresh hash browns naturally lost their freshness quickly. Soon, Mr. Dell’s began researching a way to produce frozen hash browns to expand its distribution area. They eventually became an innovator in producing shredded frozen hash browns that were first released in 1975 by the company. The shredded hash brown category became extremely popular and remains one of the favorite styles of hash browns to date.

Mr. Dell’s makes these hash browns:

  • Southern Style Hash Browns
  • O’Brien Hash Browns
  • Shredded Hash Browns


Website: oreida.com

In 1952, the Oregon Frozen Foods Company was formed. This company made frozen corn and french fries in Ontario, Oregon. A year later, they invented tater tots from the remains of the french fries they were producing. Several years later an additional plant was constructed in Idaho. With a plant in Oregan and one in Idaho, the name Ore-Ida came about.

Today, Ore-Ida is owned by Kraft Heinz. The hash brown products made by the company are:

  • Golden Hash Brown Patties
  • Diced Hash Browns
  • Potatoes O’Brien
  • Shredded Hash Browns

Pacific Valley

Website: pacificvalleyfoods.com

Pacific Valley Foods has been family owned since the company was launched in 1975. It was started in the owner’s basement and has grown into a company that exports to 25 countries around the world.

Try their Tater Patties that are made with the following ingredients:

Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Canola, Cottonseed, And/Or Sunflower), Contains Less Than 2% Of Dextrose, Salt, Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate (To Maintain Natural Color).


Website: resers.com

Reser’s hash browns are expertly prepared and ready for cooking. They are crafted with fresh potatoes and offered in two delicious varieties, traditional and seasoned.

The traditional hash browns feature a classic shred size and are perfect for a wide range of dishes, from a simple side to a hearty casserole.

The seasoned hash browns offer a down-home twist with a slightly wider cut and a flavorful spice blend that includes dehydrated vegetables, spices, and natural flavors.

Both varieties are free of saturated fat, cholesterol, and added sugars, making them a healthier alternative to other breakfast sides.

Simply Potatoes

Website: simplypotatoes.com

If you are a regular grocery store shopper, you may have seen Simply Potato in your store’s refrigerated section. They are made from fresh potatoes that never are frozen. This hash brown brand is one of the best products for a homemade taste. They certainly are a favorite around our household!

Simply Potatoes makes the following hash brown products:

  • Shredded Hash Browns
  • Southwest Style Hash Brown
  • O’Brien Hash Browns
  • Garlic & Herb Hash Browns

In addition to hash browns, the company makes dice & sliced and mashed potatoes.

Steak ‘n Shake

Website: flagshipfoodgroup.com

You can now find Steak ‘n Shake products in the frozen food section of many grocery stores. Flagship Food Group makes the frozen food line for Steak ‘n Shake. They make silver dollar potato hash browns that look like what is pictured above.


Website: myfoodandfamily.com/brands/velveeta

Velveeta is undoubtedly best known for its mac & cheese that rivals Kraft or even its block cheese. The company does, however, make hash browns. These hash browns are cheesy, of course. They are made with a creamy cheese sauce and shredded potatoes.

Final Thoughts

The above hash brown brands represent a diverse selection, which most readers will find at least one brand that is worthy to routinely be served around the family breakfast table. We hope this article has helped you find a brand of hash browns that you can enjoy for many years ahead.