25+ Iced Tea Brands – Find Your Perfect Iced Tea Match

As you will see below, there are numerous iced tea brands available for purchase in the United States and beyond. The market is dominated by some of the most powerful companies in the beverage industry. These companies include Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Lipton, and Keurig Dr Pepper.

As people have opted for healthy drink options and moved away from soda, beverages like iced tea have greatly increased in popularity over the previous two decades. Our big list of iced brands shows how competitive this market has become as beverage trends have evolved. This is excellent for the consumers who enjoy iced tea, but likely brutal for the smaller players looking to break through with an iced tea brand.

Here is our list of iced tea brands. While it does not include every brand out there, it covers the major players in the industry. Be sure to vote for your favorite iced tea brand at the end of this article. We’re curious to learn the brand our readers enjoy the most.

Brands of Iced Tea


Website: drinkarizona.com

Arizona was formed as a result of the success of Snapple, a fellow New York company with roots in Brooklyn. Arizona made their first bottled tea in 1992. They focus on making high-quality teas and other beverages that are budget-friendly for consumers. They are known for selling the colorful Big Can (23 ounces) for only 99 cents.


Website: drinkbai.com

Bai is a brand of Keurig Dr Pepper. It was started in 2009 by Ben Weiss when he developed the idea to use coffee fruit for his beverage line.

The company makes a few flavors of  “Supertea” that have only one gram of sugar and zero artificial sweeteners.


Website: drinkbrisk.com

Brisk is made from a partnership between Pepsi and Unilever. Pepsi specializes in the bottling with Unilever’s Lipton brand responsible for the tea. The Pepsi-Lipton relationship involving Brisk started in 1991.

Country Time

Website: countrytime.com

Country Time is a brand of Kraft Heinz that is likely best known for its lemonade. They specialize in making drink mixes and ready-to-drink beverages.

Crystal Light

Website: crystallight.com

Crystal Light is a brand of Kraft Foods that dates back to 1982 when it was owned by General Foods. They specialize it making drink mixes in a variety of flavors including iced tea.

Fuze Tea

Website: fuzebev.com

Fuze is a brand of Coca-Cola as of 2007. The company was started by Lance Collins in 2001 with the idea of including nutrients and vitamins in beverages.

Gold Peak

Website: goldpeakbeverages.com

Gold Peak is a brand of the Coca-Cola Company that was introduced in 2006. They specialize in making ready-to-drink tea and coffee.

Harney & Sons

Website: harney.com

Harney & Sons was launched in 1983 by John Harney. The company is currently based out of Millerton, New York but was started in Salisbury, Connecticut. They specialize in high-end loose tea in addition to fresh brewed iced tea. 


Update: Coca-Cola has discontinued this iced tea brand due to lack of sufficient profits. The Honest Kid line of juices remains, however.

Be aware that a founder of Honest Tea recently launched Just Tea (see below) which is basically a copy of the Honest Tea line.

Ito En

Website: itoen.com

Ito En is a Japanese beverage company that has been in business since 1966. The U.S. tea products include loose leaf tea, matcha powder, tea bags, and bottled tea.

Just Ice Tea

Website: eatthechange.org

In a nutshell, a man name Seth Goldman started Honest Tea in 1998, he completely sold the company to Coca-Cola in 2011, Coke discontinued Honest Iced Tea in 2022, and then shortly after Goldman launched Just Ice Tea in response to Coca-Cola’s decision.

Just Ice Tea is made in ready-to-drink in bottles. They are lightly sweetened with ingredients like agave syrup and/or honey. The teas are USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified. You can expect the same quality of organic iced tea that was once found in bottles of Honest Tea with Just Ice Tea.


Website: lipton.com

Lipton is a brand of Unilever and one of the most well-known makers of tea in the world. It was started by Thomas Lipton in the late 1800s in the United Kingdom. Currently Lipton partners with Pepsico to produce their ready-to-drink beverages.


Website: luzianne.com

Luzianna is based out of New Orleans and is a popular southern brand of tea. It is manufactured by Reily Foods Company. They produce iced tea bags, single serve iced tea (k-cups), concentrated and bottled iced tea.


Website: drinkmilos.com

Milo’s began as a hamburger restaurant back in the mid-1940s by Milo and Bea Carlton. It wasn’t until 1989 that Milo’s first launched a Sweet Tea to the market, according to BevNet. The company has since moved well beyond just producing sweet tea and moved into producing other flavors.


Website: nestea.com

As might be obvious from its name, Nestea is an iced tea brand of the food conglomerate Nestle. Nestle and Coca-Cola previously had a joint venture to sell Nestea, but that relationship terminated in 2017 as both companies moved on with new plans for their bottled drinks. The U.S. Nestea products include flash brewed and classic iced tea bottled products. They also make powered mix.

Peace Tea

Website: peacetea.com

Peace Tea is an ice tea brand of the Coca-Cola Company. The brand was once connected to the Monster Beverage Company, but transferred to Coca-Cola when they took a meaningful stake in Monster.

Pure Leaf

Website: pureleaf.com

The Pure Leaf brand is a result of a partnership between Pepsico and Lipton (owned by Unilever). Pure Leaf competes directly against Gold Peak for premium ready-to-drink tea sales. They use real tea leaves that are brewed to create a fresh brewed taste.


Website: snapple.com

The name Snapple comes from a carbonated apple juice that was produced by the founders. This apple juice fermented and caused the lids to snap open. This event gave the founders the idea for the company name. The name Snapple is a cross between the words “Snap” and “Apple”.

While Snapple official started in the early 1980s, it wasn’t until 1987 that the first tea product was produced. This tea product was lemon tea. Today, Snapple produces many different flavors of ready-to-drink bottled tea.


Website: steaz.com

Steaz focuses on producing organic green tea drinks. They began in 2002 under the parent company named The Healthy Beverage Company. They remain a private company today under this same parent company. They make three categories of iced tea in various flavors. These categories are unsweetened, lightly sweetened, and zero calorie green tea.

Straight Up Tea

Website: straightuptea.com

Straight Up Tea is a brand of Keurig Dr Pepper. They use simple ingredients for their teas consisting of water, sugar (when applicable), tea, citric acid, and natural flavors. The ingredients aren’t artificial making it an all natural iced tea brand.

The Straight Up Tea flavors are:

  • Sweet Tea
  • Unsweetened
  • Sorta Sweet

Sweet Leaf

Website: sweetleaftea.com

Sweet Leaf is a brand of Purity Organic based out of California. They make organic products with no GMO’s. The company started in 2003 producing apple juice and has since added various beverages to its product line such as teas, coconut water, lemonade, and more. Some of the iced tea flavors include semi-sweet lemon tea, raspberry tea, mint & honey green tea, and peach tea.


Website: tazo.com

Tazo was once owned by Starbucks in 1999. However, it was later sold to its current owner, Unilever, in 2017. It was originally launched in Portland, Oregon by Steven Smith.

Teas’ Tea

Website: teastea.com

Teas’ Tea focuses on making organic tea with the primary ingredients of water, tea, and natural flavors. Its three categories of bottled tea are unsweetened, slightly sweet, and cold brew. Teas’ Tea is a brand of Ito En featured above.


Website: tejava.com

Tejava was created with a focus on producing smooth tasting tea without the need for sweeteners. The brand name came from the Indonesian island of Java where the company obtained their black tea. Tejava makes ready-to-drink bottled tea, tea bags, and tea pods (K-Cups).


Website: teavana.com

Teavana was acquired by Starbucks in 2012. It can be found at Starbucks locations and in grocery stores for its ready-to-drink products. The teas use premium ingredients with a focus on ethically sourced tea.

Turkey Hill

Website: turkeyhill.com

Turkey Hill started by simply selling milk from the farm to local customers. In the 1980s, the company ventured into making ice cream that rapidly become a favorite of local residence in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The ice cream’s popularity spread over time to many other markets.

The company’s success has allowed it to diversify beyond milk and ice cream to other products such as iced tea.


Website: zevia.com

Zevia is a Los Angeles based beverage company that makes organic drinks that have no sugar and zero calories with nothing artificial. Their products are sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

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