7 Classic Candy Bars With Marshmallow

Candy bars with marshmallow are frankly not that particularly common. Other candy bars with ingredients like nougat or peanut butter greatly outsell it. However, if you’re like us, you occasionally or maybe even routinely like to indulge in this style of candy.

Here are seven popular options for you to consider. We hope you are able to find a new marshmallow candy to enjoy for years to come!

Candy Bars with Marshmallow

Mallo Cup

Mallo Cup candies are shaped like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. However, instead of being stuffed with peanut butter, Mallo Cups have a marshmallow creme center. Additionally, they are able to be purchased with milk chocolate or dark chocolate exteriors. This candy has been manufactured by Boyer since the 1930s. The company states that Mallo Cups were the “very first cup candy” produced in America.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a candy bar made by Annabelle’s. Original Rocky Road has a marshmallow interior that is covered by milk chocolate with roasted cashews sprinkled in. Annabelle’s also makes Rocky Road Mint (mint marshmallow covered with dark chocolate & cashews) and Rocky Road Sea Salt (vanilla marshmallow, covered with dark chocolate, cashews, and sea salt).

Bubu Lubu

This candy bar may be difficult to find if you are living outside of Mexico. However, it can be found in many Mexican food stores around America. Bubu Lubu features a marshmallow center that is topped with a layer of gummy strawberry candy. All of these ingredients are topped with a chocolate-flavored coating.

You might be thinking that the gummy layer is a bit weird in regard to its texture in a candy bar. However, it’s more on the soft side like jelly so it works as an ingredient more than many might think.

Idaho Spud

It sounds nothing like a candy bar with marshmallows and probably something you’d hard pass on just glancing at it down a candy aisle if unfamiliar with it. However, as many people of the Northwest will tell you, this is a tasty candy that is certainly worth a try.

Idaho Spud is appropriately shaped like a potato to match its name. Its interior is made of marshmallow. The marshmallow is covered in dark chocolate and coconut. This candy was first sold way back in 1918.

Marshmallow Joys

Marshmallow Joys have been made by Joyva for more than 100 years. This candy is a dark chocolate-covered vanilla marshmallow bar. It is a simple candy yet mighty tasty.

Old Faithful

This candy bar is cleverly named after the famous geyser at Yellowstone Park. Its vanilla-flavored marshmallow creme center represents the liquid that spews out of Old Faithful. The marshmallow is topped with roasted peanuts and milk chocolate. They represent the rocky surface of Old Faithful.

Reese’s Mallow-Top

Reese’s Mallow-Top is an Easter candy so it may be difficult to find locally outside of the holiday season. It is essentially a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with a mallow top made of marshmallow creme. One reviewer stated the mallow top tasted more like white chocolate than mallow creme so you may wish to sample a single serving before buying in bulk if that is your thing.

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