Candy That Starts With H: (Letter H Candy Names)

Below you will find a list of candies that start with the letter H. Under the list is more details on each of these candies with photos.

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Without any fluff, let’s get into the details of H candies!

List of Candy That Starts With H

  • Hard Candy – A general way to classify candy with a hard texture such as butterscotch, Life Savers, or Gobstopper.
  • Hammond’s – A candy brand made in Denver, Colorado. The candy has been made for over 100 years.
  • Haribo – A popular brand of candy that is known for its gummy bears that were first made in 1960.
  • Heath – A candy bar made by The Hershey Company consisting of milk chocolate, toffee, and almonds.
  • Heroes – This is a mix of mini chocolate bars made by Cadbury that are packaged together. Bars include Wispa, Dairy Milk, Twirl, Eclairs, and others.
  • Hershey’s Bar – The classic milk chocolate bar often used to make S’mores.
  • Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream – Its a candy bar made with white creme with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies in it.
  • Hershey’s Special Dark – A popular dark chocolate made with a higher percentage of cocoa compared to traditional Hershey’s milk chocolate, resulting in a richer flavor.
  • Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Candy Bar – It’s essentially holiday sugar cookies pieces inside white creme chocolate.
  • Hi-Chew – A soft, chewy and fruity candy that was originally designed to be like chewing gum that could be swallowed.
  • Hot Lips – They are gummy candies shaped like lips.
  • Hot Tamales – A candy brand of Just Born that is known for its cinnamon flavor.
  • Hubba Bubba – A bubble gum brand made by Mars Wrigley.
  • Hundred Grand (100 Grand) – The candy bar consists of chewy caramel and crispy rice pieces, covered in milk chocolate.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is a confectionery characterized by its solid, often translucent, and glass-like appearance. It is composed primarily of sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings that is created by boiling these ingredients to a high temperature and then cooling them to achieve a solid state. Popular varieties include fruit-flavored, mint, or specialty-flavored options.

They are typically enjoyed by slowly dissolving the candy in the mouth to provide a sweet and lasting taste. Examples include Jolly Ranchers, lemon drops, Atomic Fireballs, and candy canes.


Hammond’s was founded in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond, Sr. in Denver. The company specializes in handmade candies and sweets including hand-pulled lollipops, caramel popcorn, ribbon candy, taffy, candy canes, gourmet chocolate bars, and more. The candy is sold around the world in places like Dubai, England, Japan, Spain, Italy, and Canada.


Haribo candy refers to a popular brand of candy that is known for its gummy and chewy treats. The brand was founded in Germany is renowned for its iconic Goldbears, which are fruit-flavored gummy bears first developed in 1922. The name “Haribo” is part of the founder’s name, Hans Riegel, and part of the town’s name where he was born, Bonn, Germany.

The brand offers a diverse range of candies, including gummy worms, candy fruits, and other fruit-flavored gelatin-based sweets. Haribo candies are recognized globally and are available in 120 countries. The company states it makes 100 million Goldbears per day!

Heath Bar

Since its introduction in 1928, the Heath bar has become a favorite treat of many. It is appreciated for its distinct toffee crunch that provides a perfect balance of sweetness and buttery flavor, which is complimented by its exterior milk chocolate.

The candy was invented by Bayard and Everett Heath in 1928. It has been made by The Hershey Company since 1996. Similarly, Hershey makes the Skor bar which was originally invented to compete with Heath when it was made outside of Hershey. See our article on Heath versus Skor if you’re curious about the difference.


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This is a mixture of various candy bars made by Cadbury that is sold in the UK. Its similar to those variety bags of chocolate bars you might purchase during Halloween to pass out to kids. The bars include Wispa, Dairy Milk, Twirl, Eclairs, and others.

Hershey’s Bar

It is a classic American chocolate bar created by The Hershey Company. It is recognizable by its distinctive rectangular shape and consists of smooth and creamy milk chocolate. It’s a simple but versatile candy that is routinely used in the kitchen for desserts and notably to make an American summer classic, the s’more. While this candy bar was introduced in 1900, it remains one of the most beloved candies in America.

Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream

Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream candy bars were introduced in 1995 by The Hershey Company. This white chocolate-based treat features crunchy chocolate sandwich cookie bits embedded throughout the chocolate. It provides a combination of smooth sweetness and cookie crunch for a unique twist on the traditional chocolate bar experience.

Hershey’s Kiss

Image Credit: flickr/MTSOfan

Hershey’s Kisses are iconic bite-sized chocolate treats created by the Hershey Company and introduced in 1907. These small, foil-wrapped candies are teardrop shaped but with a distinctive flat bottom. The Original Kisses are composed of smooth milk chocolate, but there are other variations made such as Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Special Dark, and Birthday Cake. Their compact size and signature appearance make them a popular choice for sharing or as holiday candies.

Hershey’s Special Dark

Image Credit: Javier Rapoport/flickr

Hershey’s Special Dark is a variant of Hershey’s chocolate known for its intense cocoa flavor. It was first released in 1939 and features a higher cocoa content than the traditional milk chocolate. Hershey’s Special Dark is a favorite among dark chocolate enthusiasts, which offers a distinct and satisfying chocolate experience.


Image Credit: gingerbreadman/flickr

Hi-Chew is a popular Japanese chewy candy renowned for its vibrant flavors and unique texture. It was originally designed to be like chewing gum that could be swallowed. The candy brand gained international acclaim after being introduced in 1975.

The candies provide a taffy-like consistency and come in a variety of fruit flavors. Strawberry, Mango, and Green Apple are the most popular Hi-Chew flavors in the United States. There are currently over 50 flavors according to the manufacturer, Morinaga, with 200 flavors that have been produced since its introduction.

Hot Lips

These are gummy or licorice candy lips that typically have a fruity and spicy flavored. The spicy flavor often comes from cinnamon used as an ingredient. Allan based out of Canada is an example of a brand of Hot Lips.

Hot Tamales

Image Credit: Mike Mozart/flickr

Hot Tamales is a cinnamon-flavored candy made by the Just Born company that were first stocked on store shelves in the 1950s. These small, chewy candies are known for their intense cinnamon kick and bright red color. They are a similar bullet-shape to another classic Just Born candy, Mike and Ike.

Hubba Bubba

Image Credit: Mike Mozart/flickr

Hubba Bubba is particularly famous for its large, colorful bubblegum tape that can be unraveled and enjoyed in generous portions. The brand is celebrated for its fun and innovative approach to bubblegum that offers a playful and flavorful chewing experience. Its a brand of Mars Wrigley that was introduced in 1979.

Hundred Grand (100 Grand)

Image Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon/flickr

This candy bar was first released in mid 1960s by Nestle and is now owned by Ferrara Candy. It is known for its combination of crispy rice, caramel center, and milk chocolate. It was first called $100,000 bar as a play off the theme of richness. Yeah, $100,000 was a lot of money in the 1960s being over $900,000 in today’s dollars.