Twizzlers Vs. Red Vines: Which Is The Superior Candy

It’s no secret that there is ongoing debate surrounding whether Twizzlers or Red Vines are the superior candy. You can help settle this debate here by voting for your favorite in our poll found below.

In addition to the poll, you’ll find a comparison of these licorices which will help you determine what sets them apart from each other.

Twizzlers VS Red Vines


When we do these comparison articles, we typically give our opinion on which one we like best. However, given how this topic is often hotly debated, we decide not to influence it by giving our opinion.

Rather, we simply ask you to vote for your favorite between Twizzlers vs. Red Vines. If you love them both, we request that you please make the hard decision and pick your favorite.

We look forward to seeing the results as the votes come in!


Twizzlers (pictured on the top) feature a glossy finish with a deep red color.

Red Vines (pictured on the bottom) have a classic red color without the glossy appearance of Twizzlers. Red Vines appear more natural to the eye compared to Twizzlers.


The below comparison of the nutrition facts for these candies reveals no major differences. However, Red Vines have fewer calories, sodium, carbs, and sugars. We think its safe to say that most people do not opt for one licorice over the other simply because of nutrition.

Twizzlers (Strawberry)Red Vines (Original Red)
Serving Size3 pieces (34g)3 pieces (30g)
Total Fat0.5g0
Saturated Fat0g0
Trans Fat0g0
Total Carbohydrate26g25g
Dietary Fiber0g0g
Total Sugars13g12g
Includes Added Sugars13g12g


Twizzlers (Strawberry) – Corn Syrup, Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid), Sugar, Cornstarch, Contains 2% or Less of: Palm Oil, Salt, Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Mineral Oil, Artificial Color (Red 40), Lecithin (Soy).

Red Vines (Original Red) – Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Red 40.

Introduction Dates

Twizzlers – Twizzlers are an old candy being first released in 1845.

Red Vines – The company that makes Red Vines got its start by making black licorice in 1914. Around 1920, the manufacturer released Classic Raspberry Vines. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the red licorice began to be called Red Vines.

Who Makes Them?

Twizzlers – This candy was first made by the Young & Smylie Confectionery Company. However, if you look at the Twizzler packaging it will indicate The Hershey Company as the manufacturer. That is because Hershey acquired Young & Smylie in 1977 and with it came the Twizzlers brand.

Red Vines – Red Vines have made by the American Licorice Company since they were invented.

Social Media Following

Given that Twizzlers are owned by The Hershey Company, a much larger company than the manufacturer of Red Vines, we expected Twizzlers to have a much larger social media following. However, Red Vines has over 345,000 more followers across the Big 3 of social media compared to Twizzlers.

TwizzlersRed Vines
Instagram Followers51,30020,300
Facebook Followers971,2321,351,152
Twitter Followers58,80055,100
**As of 8/19/22**


When we were doing research for this article, we saw a person comment that Red Vines were cheaper than Twizzlers. We decided to see if that statement was true.

The table below reflects the prices for these candy brands at various stores for their 16-ounce packages. The data shows that, on average, Red Vines are a bit cheaper, but there are stores where they are actually more expensive than Twizzlers (i.e. at Big Lots and Albertsons).

Overall, the place where you shop is a huge factor in what you will pay for these licorices. Of course, prices vary from sales and other factors but the data below should give you a solid idea of around what you’ll pay for a pound of these candies.

Twizzlers (Strawberry) – 16 oz.Red Vines (Original Red) – 16 oz.
Target$2.89not available
Big Lots$2.69$2.99
Weis Markets$2.19not available
Wegmans$2.29not available
Giant Eagle$3.49$2.69


Twizzlers has more options when it comes to the products it offers. It certainly makes a lot of kid-friendly options with candies like Pull ‘N’ Peel and its Halloween offerings.

Red Vines makes a few products of note. We like its family mix which caters to the people who like a bit of both black and red licorice. Its Red Vines Made Simple are also interesting, which are made with better ingredients than the norm.


  • Original – Strawberry
  • Bites – Cherry
  • Easter Bunnies – Cherry
  • Filled Bites – Strawberry
  • Filled Bites – Sweet & Sour Cherry/Citrus Punch
  • Filled Twists – Key Lime Pie
  • Filled Twists – Orange Cream Pop
  • Filled Twists – Strawberry Smoothie
  • Filled Twists – Sweet & Sour
  • Filled Twists – Tropical Blast
  • Halloween Twists – Strawberry
  • Nibs – Black Licorice
  • Nibs – Cherry
  • Pull ‘N’ Peel – Red, Green, & White
  • Pull ‘N’ Peel – Cherry
  • Pull ‘N’ Peel – Watermelon
  • Twists – Strawberry
  • Twists – Black Licorice
  • Twists – Cherry
  • Twists – Chocolate
  • Twists – Mystery Flavor
  • Twists – Rainbow
  • Twists – Strawberry (Zero Sugar)

Red Vines

  • Original Red
  • Black Licorice
  • Grape
  • Family Mix – Black & Red
  • Strawberry – Sugar Free
  • Black Licorice – Sugar Free
  • Original Red – Jumbo
  • Black Licorice – Jumbo
  • Mixed Bites – Black & Red
  • Original Red – Candy Bar
  • SuperStrings – Original Red
  • Red Vines Made Simple – Cherry
  • Red Vines Made Simple – Mixed Berry
  • Red Vines Made Simple – Mini Bites Mixed Berry