Do They Still Make Alphabet Cereal? – Answered

Alpha-Bits Cereal Discontinued

The most popular alphabet cereal was Alpha-Bits. It was available with and without marshmallows at one time. Unfortunately, it is no longer being made. Post, the manufacturer, stated on Twitter that they typically discontinued cereals because of lack of demand and to make room for new products. Here is their response on the discontinuation of Alpha-Bits:

Post also has a webpage that shows the cereals that they have discontinued. You can visit the page here to see if your favorite Post cereal is still being made. Of course, Alpha-Bits is one of the cereals listed as being discontinued.

Alpha-Bits Alternative

General Mills released alphabet and number cereals in December of 2020. They are Sesame Street themed featuring Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster. The number cereal is called 123 Berry and the alphabet cereal is named C is for Cinnamon. They are marketed as lightly sweetened whole-grain cereals.

Note that Sesame Street alphabet cereal may be difficult to find in some areas. We suggest checking online or calling the store to see if it is in stock if you are solely shopping for this item.

Nesquik Alphabet Cereal

Nesquik Alphabet cereal is produced through a joint venture between General Mills and Nestlé. Readers in the United States will likely have trouble finding this cereal since it is primarily sold outside of that market. Of course, you can buy it online at places like Amazon but prices are quite high from our quick research. Click here to find out where to buy this Nesquik cereal.

Image Credit – Half Alive – soo zzzz/flickr