9 Corn Dog Brands Worth A Try

Many kids and certainly a number of adults love corn dogs.

They are commonly made with a cornmeal batter that forms the outside layer.

The inside is a hot dog or sausage (sometimes a meatless version). They can usually be found served on a stick making them suitable as carnival or street food. 

If you head to the frozen food section of any major grocery store in America, you will likely find a few corn dogs brands. This article will highlight some of the more popular options available at many stores. 

While you may currently have a favorite corn dog brand, we hope this article inspires you and your family to try something new.  

Brands of Corn Dogs

State Fair

Website: corndogs.com

State Fair dates back to 1953 when the company was started under the name Circle T Foods in Dallas. Circle T Foods was purchased by Sara Lee in 1986, which allowed State Fair broader distribution. Sara Lee was acquired by Tyson Foods in 2014 and remains a corn dog brand of this company as of today. 

The corn dog products made by State Fair include Classic Corn Dogs, 100% Beef Corn Dogs, Classic Mini Corn Dogs, and 100% Beef Mini Corn Dogs. The Classic Corn Dogs are made with the meats turkey, chicken, added pork, and beef flavoring. The 100% Beef Corn Dogs are made with beef among other ingredients. 

All products can be oven baked, microwaved, or fried. Eat them plain or dip them in your favorite mustard brand or condiment for a tasty treat. 


Website: applegate.com

Applegate is a company known for producing high-quality natural and organic meat products. They are committed to using only the best ingredients and practices in order to deliver products that are not only delicious but also healthier and more sustainable.

These corn dogs are made with 100% grass-fed and pasture raised beef. Applegate Corn Dogs are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, making them a healthier alternative to other processed snack foods. They also contain no nitrates or nitrites and the animals a never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

The best method to cook them is 25 minutes in the oven at 350°F or thawed for 15 minutes. If you’re in a hurry, they can be microwaved from frozen for about 90 seconds.

Foster Farms

Website: fosterfarms.com

Foster Farms is headquartered in California and is a privately owned company. They focus primarily on poultry (chicken and turkey) products such as chicken breast, chicken wings, and ground turkey. In addition to fresh meats, they also produce several freeze products like Buffalo-style wings, pizza, chicken nuggets and corn dogs.

 Foster Farms makes Gluten Free Honey Crunchy and Honey Crunchy corn dogs . They also produce uniquely flavored Cheese and Jalapeno corn dogs that are worth a try if you want to spice things up a bit. The Honey Crunch corn dogs come in traditional size and mini. 

Field Roast

Website: fieldroast.com

Field Roast specializes in plant-based meats and cheeses. They use grains, fresh vegetables, legumes and spices for their wide-array of products. Their primary products are sausages, deli slices, burgers, roasts, bread cutlets and appetizers & entrees. 

Field Roast makes miniature corn dogs that fall within the company’s appetizers & entrees category. These vegan corn dogs have the featured ingredients of corn and frankfurters. Of course, the frankfurters are vegetarian with their garlic, onions, and spices providing mega flavor in the corn dog center. 

Bar S

Website: bar-s.com

Bar-S is a brand of the Mexican multinational food company, Sigma Alimentos. According to bar-s.com, the company became the best-selling hot dog brand based on volume sold in 2006. They have impressively held this #1 best-selling title for about 15 years. 

Bar-S makes Classic Corn Dogs and Beef Corn Dogs. The classics are honey battered and made with chicken with added pork. The beef corn dogs are also honey battered made with beef dogs. Both come frozen and are fully cooked prior to packaging. 

Interestingly, the company also makes donut dogs. One version has a cake donut flavored batter and the other has an apple cinnamon donut batter. Both of these donut dogs have the classic corn dog center containing a hot dog. Should we dip these in something like chocolate syrup or mustard? Maybe we’ll try them plain!

MorningStar Farms

Website: morningstarfarms.com

Morningstar Farms has been owned by Kellogg since 1999.  They have been making plant-based food since 1974 and have become extremely popular in the freeze section of grocery stores. Their core products include burgers, breakfast foods, chik’n, dogs, meal starters, and veggitizers. 

MorningStar Mini Corn Dogs are in the veggitizers category of the company’s products. They are veggie corn dogs containing only 100% plant protein (no meat protein). They also produce the traditional size veggie corn dogs that are in the dogs category of products. 

The traditional size corns dogs can be cooked in the oven (375°F for 20 minutes) or microwave (time varies based on the number cooked). The mini dogs are baked at 375°F for 14 to 16 minutes and microwave times also vary based on the number of mini dogs cooked. 

Oscar Mayer

Website: oscarmayer.com

Oscar Mayer is owned by the giant American food company, Kraft Heinz. Oscar Mayer, the founder of the company, was a German immigrant who eventually made his way to Chicago in the late 1800s after living in Detroit. In Chicago, he opened a store with his brother and sold pork favorites such as bratwurst and liverwurst. 

Given the company’s popularity with hot dogs (they even have a wienermobile), it is natural that they would also make a corn dog. Oscar Mayer Mini Corn Dogs are made with uncured angus beef with a honey sweetened batter. There are no nitrites or nitrates added to these dogs. Four mini corn dogs have 230 calories and 7 grams of protein. 

Kid Cuisine

Website: kidcuisine.com

Many readers likely grew up eating Kid Cuisine on occasion or maybe even enjoy one of their frozen dinners now. They are a brand of Conagra Foods that was launched in 1990.

Kid Cuisine wasn’t the first frozen dinner brand geared toward kids. That credit goes to Libbyland who released a line of kid-friendly frozen meals in the early 1970s.

While the company makes a variety of frozen meals, one of the favorites is the Kid Cuisine Carnival Mini Corn Dogs meal. In addition to the mini corn dogs, the meal also has fries, corn, and a fudge brownie. 


Website: johnsonville.com

Johnsonville originated back in 1945 in Johnsonville, Wisconsin where Ralph and Alice Stayer launched a butch shop business. They used a family recipe that dated to 1800s Austria to develop their first sausages. The sausages, of course, were a hit!  

The company makes the Beddar Cheddar Premium Corn Dog made with 100% premium pork. The sausages used for this product are much larger than traditional corn dogs, so you aren’t going to get cheated on your meal or snack.

To heat a Johnsonville corn dog, it can either be microwaved, oven baked, or deep fried. Naturally, the microwave cooking method is the fastest at about 55 seconds. The oven method is the longest at about a 28 minute bake time at 375°F.