Candy Starting With T: (Letter T Candies)

T is for Twix and a bunch of other candies you’ll discover below in our list of candies that start with T. Below the list found directly below are descriptions and images if you want information beyond just the list of names.

View our A to Z List of Candies if you’re looking for candies that start with another letter! Out of respect for your time, let’s quickly get into the letter T candies!

List Of Candy That Starts With T

  • 3 Musketeers
  • Taffy
  • Tangy Zangy
  • Take 5
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Tic Tac
  • Time Out
  • Toblerone
  • Toffee
  • Toffifay
  • Tootsie Pop
  • Tootsie Roll
  • Trident
  • Trolli
  • Turkish Taffy
  • Turtles
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Twirl
  • Twix
  • Twizzlers

3 Musketeers

Image: Bodo/flickr

3 Musketeers is a simple but iconic candy bar made of just a fluffy aerated nougat that is surround by milk chocolate. The bar is named after the book by Alexandre Dumas titled The Three Musketeers.

You’re probably wonder why the heck it’s called 3 Musketeers when it has only two noticeable components? Well, the original bar that was introduced in 1932 was similar to Neapolitan ice cream in that it consisted of three small bars of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Mars did away with the strawberry and chocolate components during World War II due to cost considerations.


Taffy is a type of candy that is characterized by its chewy and stretchy texture. It is made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled sugar, flavorings, and colorings until it becomes aerated and light. This process incorporates air into the candy, which provides its chewy consistency.

Tangy Zangy

This is a brand of sour chewy candies. They produce some unique creations and flavors such as Hot Chili Chewy Candies and Milk Chocolate Sour Fruit Slices.

Take 5

This is a candy bar produced by The Hershey Company that is sold as a Reese’s product. The 5 portion of its name is in reference to the five major ingredients used to make the bar: pretzels, caramel, peanut butter, peanuts, and chocolate.

The Take 5 wasn’t always made under the Reese’s brand. In 2019, Hershey rebranded the bar under the Reese’s brand name and started using Reese’s peanut butter as the PB of choice to make the bars. The change was in response to lagging sales and an attempt to spur growth.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is chocolate shaped like a real orange that is wrapped in gold foil. When you unwrap the foil, the chocolate can be removed piece by piece like you would for the pieces of a real orange. The chocolate is flavored with natural extracts of orange.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange was first created in the UK in 1932. Over the years, it has become a nostalgic and beloved treat, especially during the holiday season.

Tic Tac

Tic Tac is a brand of capsule shaped mints that were introduced in 1969 by Ferrero. However, if you’ve ever tried the orange flavor, you’ve likely questioned if it actual freshens the breath. But, that’s another topic!

They are typically sold in small transparent plastic containers with a flip-top lid. The lid allows the Tic Tacs to be dispensed one at a time to prevent messes.

Their name comes from the sound the container makes when opening and closing the box. Its current noteworthy flavors include Freshmint, Tropical Adventure, Orange, Fruit Adventure, Wintergreen, Strawberry & Cream, and Sprite (flavored like the lemon-lime soda).

Time Out

Cadbury Time Out is a chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury. It is known for its core of layers of crispy wafers that sandwich rippled milk chocolate. The wafer layers are thin and light, which provide a crunchy texture. The core is covered in a milk chocolate coating.


Toblerone is a popular Swiss chocolate bar known for its stacked triangular shape. It is produced by Mondelēz International, which was formerly Kraft Foods.

Toblerone chocolate is made from a blend of milk chocolate, honey, and almond nougat. The unique triangular prism shape of the chocolate bars is often associated with the Swiss Alps, and the packaging features an image of a mountain known as the Matterhorn.

The name “Toblerone” is a combination of the family name “Tobler,” the creators of the chocolate, and “torrone,” which is the Italian word for nougat. The chocolate bar was first created in 1908 by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann in Bern, Switzerland.


Toffee is a type of candy characterized by its sweet and buttery flavor. It is made by boiling sugar, butter, and water together, which creates a rich caramelized mixture. Nuts or flavorings may be added to enhance the taste.

Toffee can be enjoyed in various forms, such as hard and crunchy or softer and chewier. Heath and Skor are examples of popular toffee bar brands.


August Storch makes the Toffifay brand of candy that we just recently tried for the first time.

It’s a unique concept for a candy in that it’s a small caramel cup with a whole roasted hazelnut sitting inside the cup. Covering the hazelnut is a topping of chocolate hazelnut filling.

The candies are packaged in a tray that you pull out from the box to grab a piece. I think I had a piece or two from they tray before I went back for more and it was empty. In other words, this is a super delicious candy certainly worth a try if you’re a fan of the ingredients we laid out.

Tootsie Pop

This is a classic sucker brand made with a Tootsie Roll center and a hard candy outer shell. The shells are flavored and colored to match their flavor. Some of the popular flavors include cherry, grape, orange, and chocolate.

The candy was invented in 1931. Now several million Tootsie Pops are produced daily.

The Tootsie Pop is well-known for its slogan, “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” that appeared in its commercials. This question has become a part of popular culture and many people have attempted to find out without success.

Tootsie Roll

A Tootsie Roll is a chewy chocolate-flavored candy that has been manufactured in the United States since 1896 using the same recipe. It is one of the signature products of Tootsie Roll Industries.

The candy was first made by an immigrant from Austria named Leo Hirshfield and sold at his New York City candy shop. The candy was initially sold for a penny and was named after the nickname of Leo’s daughter.

The Tootsie Roll is made from a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, condensed skim milk, cocoa, whey, soy lecithin, and artificial and natural flavors.


Trident is a classic sugar-free gum brand that is owned by Perfetti Van Melle Group, the makers of Mentos. Its sweetened with ingredients such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, and aspartame. The gum is sold in numerous flavors such as Tropical Twist, Cinnamon, Bubblegum, Original, Spearmint, and others.


Image: Mike/flickr

Trolli is a brand owned by Ferrara Candy Company that is known for its gummy candies. They are famous for their creative and unconventional gummy shapes. Some of their popular products include gummy llamas, sharks, and octopuses (octopi) in various fruit-flavors.

One of Trolli’s most iconic products is the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, which are gummy worms with a sweet and sour coating. They are widely available in the United States and other parts of the world.

Turkish Taffy

Image: Pathos27/CC

Turkish Taffy or Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, is a type of candy that has been popular in the United States since the early 20th century. It was invented by Herman Herer, an immigrant from Austria, in 1912 in Coney Island, New York. It was created by mistake when Herer added too many eggs to a marshmallow candy he was making.


George DeMet invented Turtles candy in 1916 in Chicago. The candy features an interior of crunchy pecans and smooth caramel. Their exterior is a delicious chocolate that covers the cluster of nuts and caramel inside. The candy is shaped like a turtles body, which is how it got its name several years after it was invented.

Tutti Frutti

Its a brand of candy made by Frazer that contains no gelatin or artificial colors. They are a collection of fruity candies with flavors like lemon, raspberry, pear, kiwi, and melon. This chew candy is mostly shaped like pieces of fruit


A Twirl is a chocolate bar that is produced by Cadbury that is known for its unique flaky, spiral-shaped chocolate layers inside the bar. It’s one of Cadbury’s top selling candy bars only behind its Dairy Milk product.

Ingredients include milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder (from milk), vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifiers, and flavorings.


Twix is one of the most popular candy bars in the world. It originated from the United Kingdom where it was first made in 1967 by Mars. It was called Raider in Europe until the early 1990s when it started to be rebranded as Twix. It was first called Twix when it came to America in 1979.

The original bar is made with a biscuit base with a layer of caramel on top of the biscuit. The entire bar is coated in milk chocolate, which provides a smooth and sweet exterior.

Over the years, variations of Twix, such as Twix Peanut Butter and Twix White, have been introduced to offer different flavor experiences. The brand has also expanded to include products like Twix ice cream bars and Twix-flavored spreads.


Twizzlers have been a brand of The Hershey Company since 1977. However, a confectionery named Young and Smylie (Y&S) invented the iconic licorice brand in 1929.

Twizzlers are made with the primary ingredients of corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, and cornstarch. Its most popular flavor is strawberry which Hershey indicates amounts to 70% of annual production of Twizzlers Twists. Over 200 tons of Twists are made daily in Pennsylvania.