Candy Starting With Y: (Letter Y Candies)

York is certainly the most popular candy that starts with Y for most readers. However, in this exploration of candies, you’re likely to learn about some unfamiliar letter Y candies that might just become your new favorites!

View our A to Z List of Candies if you’re looking for candies that start with another letter! Without additional delay, let’s unwrap the candies associated with the letter Y!

List Of Candy That Starts With Y

  • Yardstick Bubblegum
  • Yema
  • Yoohoo
  • York
  • Yorkie
  • Yowie
  • YoYo Mania
  • YumEarth
  • Yum Junkie
  • Yummy Yummy
  • Yuzu Candy

Yardstick Bubblegum

This is a long stick of bubblegum that is called Yardstick Bubblegum given its size. However, the actual gum is a couple inches less than 36 inches. The bubblegum tends to be hard and is the classic pink bubblegum color. These long gum sticks are available in Original and Sour flavors.

The Foreign Candy Company produces this candy brand. They are mostly known for bringing us Black Forest gummies and Rip Rolls.


Yema is a traditional Filipino sweet candy that is made from condensed milk and egg yolks. It is a popular and flavorful treat often enjoyed during special occasions and holidays.

To make yema, condensed milk and egg yolks are typically combined and cooked over low heat until the mixture thickens. It is then shaped into bite-sized balls or molded into various shapes such as pyramids. The candy is commonly finished with a dusting of sugar.


You might be think that we made an error associating Yoohoo with candy. Undoubtedly, most readers know it as a classic chocolate flavored drink that is somewhat similar to Nesquik. However, its actually made in candy form as well.

The candy is chocolate flavored candy bars made under the Yoohoo brand name. While we haven’t tried this candy yet, online reviews indicate that it doesn’t actually taste similar to the iconic drink. However, people seem to still enjoy its silky chocolatey taste.


York is likely the most recognized candy that starts with Y. The candies are known for their dark chocolate coating that surrounds a smooth, soft, and strong peppermint flavor filling. The candy is often enjoyed as a sweet and refreshing treat, especially as a sort of post dinner palate refresher.

This classic candy brand was invented by the York Cone Company in York, Pennsylvania in 1940. This company would go on to merge with The Hershey Company in 1988. Hershey still makes York today and produces an estimated 1.5 billion of them per year.


A Yorkie is a chocolate bar made by Nestlé that is particularly popular in the United Kingdom. The bar is characterized by its chunky pieces connected together to form a single chocolate candy bar.

This bar was created by Rowntree’s of York and launched in 1976. Its name was derived from the city, York, where it was invented.

According to the Nestlé UK website, the following Yorkie products are made by the company: Yorkie Milk, Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit, Yorkie Duo Milk, Yorkie Duo Raisin & Biscuit, Yorkie 3 Pack Multipack Milk, Yorkie 3 Pack Multipack Raisin & Biscuit, Yorkie Duo Orange, and Yorkie Orange Limited Edition.


Yowie is a brand of chocolate that features small, hollow, milk chocolate figures in the shape of various fictional animals. The candy is known for containing a plastic capsule inside the hollow portion of the chocolate. The capsule holds a surprise for kids to enjoy such as a collectible animal figure.

What sets Yowie apart is its commitment to education and wildlife conservation. Each Yowie chocolate figure comes with a collectible leaflet inside the capsule that provides information about the animal it represents, along with details about its habitat, conservation status, and the importance of protecting wildlife.

The Yowie brand aims to combine the enjoyment of chocolate with an educational component, encouraging awareness about endangered species and environmental issues. Yowie chocolates have gained popularity, especially among children, due to the combination of a sweet treat and the educational/toy component included with each figure.

YoYo Mania

It’s a yoyo with bubblegum inside of it. It has a lid on its surface where the gum is dispended from. It is technically a working yoyo but some people claim its performance is subpar. In other words, if you’re looking to improve your yoyo skills, this likely isn’t best for you!


YumEarth is a brand that produces organic and allergy-friendly candies. They are known for using natural and organic ingredients with a huge emphasis on avoiding common allergens, and offering a wide range of sweet treats suitable for various dietary preferences. YumEarth’s product line includes gummy bears, jelly beans, lollipops, licorice, fruit chews, and other candies.

Yum Junkie

Yum Junkie is the company behind several brands of colorful candies including Tesla Pops, Sticklettes, Gumby & Pokey Gummies, American Fish, and Jooblers.

Yummy Yummy

This candy brand is owned by Bebeto, a soft candy manufacturer, that began in 1998. Yummy Yummy is a gummy brand of the company. They make products like neon gummy worms, strawberry shaped gummies, watermelon slices gummies, and similar candies.

Yuzu Candy

Yuzu candy refers to candy that uses yuzu, a citrus fruit typically grown in East Asia. Yuzu has a unique and complex flavor, often described as a combination of lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit.

Yuzu candy can come in different forms, such as chocolates, hard candies, chewy candies, or gummies. The candies may be sweetened and flavored with yuzu extract, yuzu juice, or yuzu zest, providing a desirable citrus taste. Some yuzu candies may also include other complementary flavors or ingredients.