Candy Starting With U: (Letter U Candies)

Not many candies start with the letter U as you likely guessed. Nonetheless, here is a list of them for your reference. We’ll keep adding them as we find them! View our A to Z List of Candies if you’re looking for candies that start with another letter!

List Of Candy That Starts With U

  • U-No
  • Ube
  • Unicorn Candy
  • Usher


The Annabelle’s Candy Co. produces the U-No candy bar. It features a delicious milk chocolate exterior with a soft core that looks similar to a 3 Musketeers. Its core is a sort of mousse chocolate. The manufacturer calls it a “truffle-like center”. It also contains ground almonds.

This candy bar was invented by the Cardinet Candy Company, which was founded in 1920 in Oakland, California. It was a part of the Ralston-Purina company at one point, which is known mostly today for its popular pet foods. The classic Purina checkboard logo appeared on the wrappers at one point prior to Annabelle’s acquiring the brand.


Ube is a yam candy made by Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Corporation in the Philippines. The candy is made with purple yams, sugar, powdered milk, and flavoring.

Ube is a type of purple yam that originates from the Philippines. It has a sweeter and more mellow flavor compared to a purple sweet potato. This makes for the ideal yam to use as the base ingredient of a candy.

Unicorn Candy

Young girls have particularly fueled the unicorn craze over the last decade or so. As a result, the market has been flooded with unicorn related products including unicorn themed candy.

Some examples include Adasms & Brooks Unicorn Pops. The pops are twisted multi-colored lollipops shaped into a unicorn horn.

Another example is Jelly Belly’s Unicorn Mix. Its a colorful mix of sparkling jelly beans seemingly to represent jewels that might be in a magical unicorn world.

We could go on and on with examples like unicorn cotton candy, gummy strips, fruit chews, candy bracelets, and more.


This is a mint brand manufactured in Mexico that dates back to 1902. Its peppermint mints are made with sugar, corn syrup, Arabic gum, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and natural peppermint oil. The mints are packaged in bags that hold about 12 ounces of mints. They are commonly wrapped in pairs and are classic disc shaped mints.