20+ Popular White Bread Brands

White bread was once a food that was primarily reserved for the rich because it was expensive to produce and costly to buy. However, as industrial processes improved, white bread became accessible to many other classes as prices dropped. White bread quickly became popular for its taste, texture, shelflife, and other attractive qualities.

While many Americans and others are increasingly seeking to eat healthier, white bread still remains a popular choice down the bread aisle. It falls only behind whole wheat/multi-grain for the most eaten type of bread in the United States.

Given the lasting popularity of white bread, we decided to compile a list of many of the top white bread brands. We hope this article helps you find a new white bread to try or at least helps you learn about what is out there.

Brands of White Bread


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The Arnold brand began in 1940 when Dean and Betty Arnold started producing baked goods out of their Stamford, Connecticut home. Today, Arnold bread has no high-fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. Furthermore, the company uses no artificial preservatives or bleached flour.

Arnold makes these white bread products:

  • Country Style White Bread
  • Organic Kids White with Whole Wheat
  • Brick Oven Premium White Bread
  • Organic Thin-Sliced Rustic White

Aunt Millie’s

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No, Aunt Millie didn’t start this bread company. The credit belongs to John Franke who began the business as the Wayne Biscuit Company in 1901 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Its name later changed to Perfection Bakery before finally being named Aunt Millie’s.

Today, the company operates five bakeries that make an amazing half million pounds of bread in a day. While Aunt Millie’s makes many bread products, its white bread options are as follows:

  • White Sandwich Bread
  • Classic White Bread
  • Artisan Style White Bread
  • Deluxe Giant White Bread
  • Country White
  • Live Carb Smart White Bread


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Bimbo Bakeries USA produces bakery products for the United States market. It is owned by Grupo Bimbo, a large multinational baked goods manufacturer with nearly 200 plants. It is the largest bakery company globally.

Bimbo offers these white bread products:

  • Soft White Bread
  • Large White Bread


Brownberry is related to the Arnold and Oroweat brands (featured above & below). Both brands are owned by Bimbo Bakeries. The Brownberry brand was launched by Catherine Clark in 1946 after friends and family encouraged her to sell her breads commercially. The Clark family obtained a $7,000 mortgage on their home to open the business. Baking began in the home at 25 loaves a day. The company now ships roughly a million pounds of bread a day.

These are the white breads offered by Brownberry:

  • Country Style White Bread
  • Organic Kids White Made with Whole Wheat
  • Thin-Sliced Rustic White Bread

Bunny Brand

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Bunny Brand started in 1925 when a trio of brothers secured a $300 mortgage and opened a cabin bakery in Illinois. The men delivered their baked goods locally. By the 1950s, the brand was one of the top regional bakery brands in the Midwest and a favorite of kids with the help of its bunny mascot. Today, Flowers Foods has the franchise rights to sell this bread brand.

Bunny makes these white bread products:

  • White Sandwich Bread
  • Soft-Twist White Bread
  • Whole Grain White Bread
  • Baby Bunny White 1/2 Loaf
  • Large White Bread

Butter Krust

Louis and Emma Frances Solcher Richter launched Richter’s Bakery in San Antonio in 1882. This was the stepping stone for the business to buy the Butter Krust franchise in 1912. Butter Krust sales were greatly helped when the brand began to sell its bread sliced in 1929. Butter Krust remains one of the popular white bread brands in Texas.

Canyon Bakehouse

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Canyon Bakehouse’s focus is on making gluten-free breads, bagels, English muffins, buns, and rolls. The company was started after the co-founder, Christi Skow, learned she had celiac disease and was unpleased with existing products on the market that she could actually eat with her diagnosis. Christi’s husband, John, and their friend, Ed Miknevicius, were also co-founders and more importantly had the food industry experience to get the ball rolling to create gluten-free breads that actually tasted good. They eventually got their product on the shelves of a Whole Foods which was a major catalyst for business growth. Flower Foods eventually purchased the business and still owns the brand today.

Canyon Bakehouse makes these white bread products:

  • Mountain White Bread
  • Heritage Honey Style White Bread
  • Stay Fresh! Country White

Dave’s Killer Bread

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The company was founded in 1955 and was called NatureBake in its early years. It began making a product called Dave’s Killer Bread which became a hit at the Portland Farmer’s Market when people first began to try it in 2005. The popularity of Dave’s Killer Bread has now resulted in 17 varieties of organic bakery products.

Who is Dave? He is a family member of the founders who served a 15-year prison sentence. He returned to the family business after his sentence to help create what is now the #1 organic bread in America. At least partly from Dave’s experience, the company believes in second-chance employment where people with criminal histories are not overlooked as potential hires.

Dave’s Killer Bread makes these white bread products:

  • White Bread Done Right
  • White Bread Done Right – Thin Sliced


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Franz is owned by its company parent company called United States Bakery. The company dates back to 1906 when Engelbert, Ignaz and Joseph Franz purchased Ann Arbor bakery in Oregon. Shortly after their purchase, they acquired another bakery called United Bakery. Franz is acknowledged for making one of the initial hamburger buns in 1926.

Franz makes these white bread products:

  • Keto White
  • Big White Bread
  • Homestlye White Bread
  • Whole Grain White
  • Gluten-Free Mountain White


Heiner’s was first established around 1905 in West Virginia. The brand was family-owned until a division of Anheuser-Busch purchased it in the 1990s. It was eventually acquired by Sara Lee and is now owned by Grupo Bimbo (Bimbo Bakeries USA).

Mrs. Baird’s

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William Baird was a Texas restaurateur who lived in Fort Worth, Texas. He became ill which required his wife Ninnie to find a way to financially support the family. Her homemade breads, pies, and cakes were loved by family and friends that it made it easy for Ninnie to decide on a business plan.

Ninnie, with the help of her sons, opened Mrs. Baird’s Bread in 1908. The business has since grown into four Texas bakery locations where the company makes breads, buns, rolls, donuts, pies, and cakes.

Mrs. Baird’s makes these white bread products:

  • Large White Bread
  • Sandwich White Bread
  • Giant White Bread
  • Small White Bread
  • Made with Whole Grain White Bread

Nature’s Harvest

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This is one of the many bread brands owned by Bimbo Bakeries that is widely available at many grocery stores.

Nature’s Own

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Nature’s Own is owned by Flower Foods, one of the largest baking companies in the United States. The brand was launched in 1977 as a soft variety of bread. It uses no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup.

Nature’s Own makes these white breads:

  • Perfectly Crafted Thicked Sliced White
  • Whitewheat


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Oroweat’s roots are from North Hollywood, California where it was founded in 1932. The brand was acquired by Bimbo Bakeries in 2002. Here are the white bread products made by Oroweat:

  • Country Style White
  • Organic Kids White Made with Whole Wheat
  • Organic Rustic White Bread
  • Organic Thin-Sliced Rustic White Bread

Pepperidge Farm

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Pepperidge Farm is one of the most recognized names when it comes to store-bought baked goods. The company was founded in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin who began baking bread when she learned her son could not tolerate most commercial foods because of allergies and asthma. The brand is now owned by Cambell’s. It produces cookies, bread, Texas toast, rolls, buns, crackers, cakes, and other related products.

Pepperidge Farm makes a few varieties of white bread, including:

  • Original White Bread
  • Farmhouse Whole Grain White Bread
  • White Sandwich Bread


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Rudi’s specializes in producing bread with organic ingredients without anything artificial. This included no artificial ingredients, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans fat. Rudi’s also makes a selection of gluten-free breads that carry the Gluten-Free Certification Organization symbol.

Rudi’s makes these white breads:

  • Organic Kids Soft White Bread
  • Organic Country Morning White Bread
  • Gluten-Free Homestyle Original

Rustik Oven

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The Rustik Oven offers customers artisan bread that is slow-baked in a stone oven using a traditional European baking process. The bread provides a taste of hand-crafted bread that stands out from the ordinary.

Sara Lee

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Sara Lee bread is made by Bimbo Bakeries based out of Horsham, Pennsylvania. Bimbo’s parent is Grupo Bimbo, the largest commercial baker in Mexico and even the world. Bimbo acquired Sara Lee’s North American Fresh Bakery business in 2011. The acquisition doubled the size of Bimbo instantly.

Sara Lee produces these white bread products:

  • Classic White Bread
  • Small White Bread
  • White Sandwich Bread
  • White Made With Whole Grain


This bread brand was started in 1892 by Federick Stroehmann, a German immigrant who established himself in Wheeling, West Virginia when he arrived in America. The bread was called “Mother’s Made Bread”. Today, Stroehmann is yet another brand of Bimbo Bakeries.


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Sunbeam is owned by a co-op called Quality Bakers of America. The brand first appeared in 1942 around Philadelphia. It is a franchised white bread brand that is made by 10 baking companies in America. In other words, its brand name and trademark are licensed to the 10 bakeries that make the bread under the Sunbeam name.

Here are the white breads produced under the Sunbeam brand name:

  • White Bread
  • Old Fashioned White Bread
  • Split Top White Bread
  • Homestyle
  • Giant White Bread
  • King Thin White Bread
  • Small White Bread


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Udi Baron operated a bakery and restaurant in Denver. In 2007, he was brought a recipe for gluten-free bread. This was before gluten-free was mainstream. Baron was initially not interested in producing the bread since the market was unknown and all his existing bread recipes had gluten. He was convinced to produce it after participants of a celiac disease support group tasted the bread and fell in love with it. After a test at about 100 local supermarkets, it was found that the gluten-free bread was rapidly selling, which was a signal that something good was about to happen for Udi.

Udi’s was sold to Boulder Brands in 2013 for $125 million, making Udi Baron an instant multi-millionaire. The brand is currently owned by the giant food company, Conagra Brands. The Udi’s brand makes a variety of breads, including this white bread product:

  • Delicious Soft White Sandwich Bread

Wonder Bread

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Wonder Bread is the most iconic white bread brand in America. The Taggart Baking Company was first to make it in 1921 out of its bakery in Indianapolis. An employee of the company, Elmer Cline, came up with the “Wonder” name after he saw a beautiful display of balloons hovering over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a balloon race. These balloons filled him with “wonder” with their prominent display of colors.

Still today, the Wonder Bread packaging reflects red, blue, and yellow dots which represent the ballons that Cline once saw. The brand really took off in sales during the 1930s when they offered their loaves sliced and pre-packaged which was not common for the time but certainly a convenience appreciated by many households.

Wonder makes these white bread products today:

  • Classic White
  • Small Classic White (smaller loaf size)
  • Giabt White Slices