Does White Castle Have Milkshakes?

White Castle has milkshakes. The official flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. However, the available flavors vary by restaurant.

For example, a White Castle near Detroit, Michigan that we visited only had chocolate available but another restaurant near Columbus, Ohio had all three flavors. The default flavor is chocolate which most restaurants have available. Vanilla and strawberry are less common.

You may wish to contact the White Castle you plan to visit if your primary purpose is to go there for a particular milkshake flavor. You can even check for a flavor on through their online ordering system. You don’t want to go all the way there just to be disappoint.

White Castle Shake Sizes

The shake sizes at White Castle range from small to large. Small is 21 ounces, medium is 30 ounces, and large is 40 ounces.

How Many Calories in White Castle Shakes?

White Castle is unique in that its nutrition facts for its shakes vary by region. For example, the shakes in the Chicago area are different nutritionally from shakes in the Detroit area.

Here is the range of calories for the various sizes and flavors of shakes:

Chocolate Shakes

  • Small: 460-680 calories
  • Medium: 660-1,040 calories
  • Large: 880-1,220 calories

Vanilla Shakes

  • Small: 410-660 calories
  • Medium: 590-950 calories
  • Large: 780-1,260 calories

Strawberry Shakes

  • Small: 540-630 calories
  • Medium: 690-940 calories
  • Large: 920-1,300 calories

Visit the White Castle website for the nutrition facts most relevant to where you live.

White Castle Shake Prices

We checked the milkshake prices at over 20 White Castle restaurants. While prices vary by location, this is roughly what most people will pay for shakes at White Castle:

  • Small: $3.19 – $3.29
  • Medium: $3.99 – $4.09
  • Large: $4.89 – $5.09

You can add caramel to any size shake. We found the addition of caramel was an extra $0.20.

Visit your local White Castle for the most accurate pricing for you.

Featured Image Credit: Tony Webster/flickr