10 Ground Turkey Brands for Burgers, Chili, Tacos, & Beyond

Ground turkey is a relatively new invention being first made in the early 1980s for mainstream consumption. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that people generally started to place more focus on nutrition. This made ground turkey more attractive than beef for many people, especially for meals like chili and tacos.

Today, ground turkey has become commonplace in the meat case at grocery stores. There are several ground turkey brands readily available in the United States. Here are 10 brands that are worth a try that may be available near you.

Brands of Ground Turkey


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Butterball is the largest producer of turkey products in the world. It makes just about anything related to turkey you can think of, including whole turkeys, roasts, stuffing, burgers, bacon, sausage, turkey bologna, jerky, ground turkey, and much more. The company has been in business since 1954 and currently distributes to 30+ countries including the United States.

Butterball makes these varieties of ground turkey products:

  • Fresh All Natural 85%/15%
  • Fresh All Natural 93%/7%
  • Fresh All Natural Extra Lean White Meat – 97%/3%
  • Fresh All Natural Extra Lean – 98%/2%
  • Fresh Italian Style Seasoned All Natural – 91%/9%
  • Fresh Seasoned All Natural 91%/9%
  • Frozen All Natural 85%/15% Roll
  • Taco Season Roll
  • Fresh All Natural 85%/15% Roll
  • Fresh All Natural 93%/7% Roll
  • Fresh All Natural 90%/10% Roll
  • Fresh All Natural Italian Seasoned Roll


Carolina is distributed by Butterball. The brand was established in 1985 as a joint venture between Maxwell Farms and Carroll’s Food.


Website: empirekosher.com

This company was started in 1938 when its founder, Joseph Katz, realized the lack of kosher food in his community of New York. He began his own kosher food company in Liberty, New York to meet the demand of the local Jewish community. The company moved to Mifflintown, Pennsylvania in the 1960s where it became the largest kosher poultry producer in America.

Empire Kosher makes these ground turkey products:

  • Ground Turkey – 85% Lean/15% Fat
  • Ground White Turkey – 93% Lean / 7% Fat

Farm To Family

Website: farmtofamily.butterball.com

Butterball launched its Farm To Family line of packaged turkey products in 2016. The turkeys are fed vegetarian diets at family-owned farms. This is a no antibiotics ground turkey brand. Additionally, no hormones or steroids are used on the turkeys as required by regulations.

Here are the ground turkey packages offered by Farm To Family:

  • Ground Turkey Breast
  • Ground Turkey – 93%/7%
  • Organic Ground Turkey

Foster Farms

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Foster Farms is a true family business being started by Max and Verda Foster in 1939. The couple borrowed $1,000 to start a chicken farm in Modesto, California. It is still a family-owned company today. The chickens and turkeys raised at the Foster Farms are raised in barns not cages, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the birds.

Today, the company makes an assortment of products beyond just being a ground turkey brand. Some of these products include sandwiches, pizza, corn dogs, deli meat, franks, and more.

Foster Farms makes these ground turkey products:

  • Always Natural Ground Turkey 85%/15%
  • Always Natural Ground Turkey 93%/7%
  • Always Natural Ground Turkey 99% Fat Free
  • Organic Free Range Ground Turkey 93%/7%


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Honeysuckle turkey products are USDA verified for consistent quality. The turkeys are grown without growth-promoting antibodies. They specialize in producing ground turkey, turkey sausage, whole turkey, and turkey breasts. The brand is owned by its parent company, Cargill.

Honeysuckle makes these ground turkey food items:

  • Ground Turkey 85%/15%
  • Ground Turkey 93%/7%
  • Ground White Turkey 97%
  • Ground Turkey Breast 99%
  • Italian Style Seasoned Ground Turkey
  • Lean Ground Turkey Roll 85%/15%
  • Lean Ground Turkey Roll 90%
  • Ground Turkey Roll 93%/7%
  • Ground Turkey Breast Roll 99%


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Jennie-O is one of the most recognize brands of ground turkey. The company dates back to 1940 when Earl Olson started to raise turkeys. The brand is named after the founder’s daughter named Jennifer Olson. The Olson family owned the business until 1986 when they sold it to Hormel Foods.

Jennie-O makes these ground turkey products:

  • Ground Turkey – 85%/15%
  • Lean Ground Turkey – 93%/7%
  • Extra Lean Ground Turkey – 99%/1%
  • Lean Ground Turkey 90%/10%
  • Lean Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey
  • Lean Italian Style Turkey Sausage
  • No Antibiotics Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast 99%/1%
  • No Antibiotics Lean Ground Turkey Breast 93%/7%
  • Lean Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey


Website: perdue.com

Perdue’s turkeys are raised without using antibiotics or substances to promoted animal growth. All turkeys are raised and processed in the United States. The company was started in 1920 by Artur Perdue. Prior to World War II, the company specialized in selling eggs and later it switched to selling layer chicks to farmers. It wasn’t until 1968 that the company opened its first poultry processing plant in Salisbury, Maryland.

Today, Perdue makes these ground turkey meats in addition to many other related products:

  • Fresh Ground Turkey – 85%/15%
  • Fresh Ground Turkey – 93%/7%
  • Fresh Ground Turkey Breast – 98%/2%
  • Harvestland Ground Turkey – 93%/7%
  • Harvestland Ground Turkey – 98%/2%

Plainville Farms

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Plainville Farms is known for producing natural & certified organic turkey, deli meat, and bacon. The turkeys are provided with a high-quality vegetarian diet of non-GMO organic-certified grains. They are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. The turkeys are free-range and housed in naturally-ventilated barns with space that allows them to thrive.

Plainville Farm produces these ground turkey products:

  • Natural Ground Turkey – 93%/7%
  • Natural Ground Turkey – 85%/15%
  • Natural Ground Turkey – 99%/1%
  • Organic Ground Turkey

Shady Brook Farms

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Similar to Honeysuckle, Shady Brook Farms is owned by Cargill. Its turkeys are raised without using growth-promoting antibiotics and steroids. Shady Brooks turkeys are raised in the U.S. at various farms in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The ground turkey products made by Shady Brook Farms are:

  • Ground Turkey 85%/15%
  • Ground Turkey 93%/7%
  • Ground White Turkey 97%
  • Ground Turkey Breast 99%
  • Italian Style Seasoned Ground Turkey
  • Turkey Roll 85%/15%
  • Lean Ground Turkey Roll 90%
  • Ground Turkey Roll 93%/7%

Featured Image Credit – Trevis Rothwell/flickr CC