Oreo Knock Off Brands: 49 Oreo Alternatives

Let’s clear something up before we get into the list of Oreo knock off brands. Oreo is a knock off brand. That’s right, Oreo wasn’t the original!

Hydrox was actually the first creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie. It was launched in 1908 by Sunshine Biscuits, which is now a division of Kellogg’s who most notably makes the popular cracker brand, Cheez-It.

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Hydrox are still being made but the cookies are now manufactured by Leaf Brands. They are hard to find. In fact, we have never seen them in the many grocery stores we visited through the years.

The best place to purchase them seems to be Amazon if you wish to try the original.

Oreo first hit store shelves in 1912 to capitalize off the success of Hydrox. As time passed, Oreos overtook Hydrox in popularity to where many people started to assume that Oreo was the original.

So, the title of this article should be “Hydrox Knock Off Brands” except no one would visit this webpage if we titled it that. Anyway, you get the point!

Let’s get into the various cookies that look like Oreos or Hydrox but aren’t actually those cookies…

Oreo Knock Offs: The Big List

You’ll find numerous Oreo knock offs below. We are sure we missed a few! We’ll keep adding them as we discover them.

If you know of any we missed, please consider emailing us with the name of the cookies and what store you saw them at. We will add them to the list assuming the cookies are similar to Oreos!

Oreo Knock Off BrandDescriptionWhere To Buy?
365 By Whole Foods – Sandwich CremesWhole Foods makes cane sugar frosting sandwich cookies similar to Oreos under its 365 brand. Whole Foods
Bake to NatureThe brand makes classic and double creme plant-based cookies similar to Oreos.Kroger, Whole Foods, Meijer, Sprouts, and more.
Benton’s Many readers recognize this as an Aldi brand. They make Original and Double Filled chocolate sandwich cookies. Aldi
Best Choice – WheelsThere are over 3,000 products under the Best Choice brand including various sandwich cookies called Wheels.Various Independent grocery stores
BisnoThe packaging states “Product of India” so apparently these are imported and sold in U.S. stores. Walmart
Bowl & BasketA brand of ShopRite that makes knock offs of the classic sandwich cookies. ShopRite
Catalina CrunchThey makes keto-friendly Oreo-like cookies with 1 gram of sugar per cookie. Target, Meijer, Kroger, whole Foods, Vons, & more.
Crav’n FlavorThis is a brand of Topco which was started as a coop during World War II to address shortages from war. They make numerous types of cookies including sandwich cookies like Oreos. Giant Eagle, Save A Lot, Acme, Pggly Wiggly, Hy-Vee, Schnucks, and more.
EatzIt’s a food brand of Family Dollar which makes Eatz Original sandwich cookies Family Dollar
Favorite DayA brand of Target stores that was launched in 2021 which sells snacks, bakery items, beverage mixers, and more. Target
Fazer – DominoFazer, a Finland company, makes Domino sandwich cookies in various flavors.fazer.com
Festival – WowA brand of Cordialsa USA that primarily focuses on producing cookies, chocolate and coffee products.Walmart, Amazon
Fibisco Hi-Ro A Philippines brand of cookies. justasianfood.com, sukli.com, others.
Food Lion Creme CookiesFood Lion store brand that look awfully similar to Oreos.Food Lion
Full Circle MarketFull Circle Market makes organic chocolate, vanilla, and duplex sandwich cookies. Hy-Vee, Piggly Wiggly, Giant Eagle, Salt A Lot, Raley’s, & others.
Giant EagleThe Oreo knock offs made for Giant Eagle stores. Giant Eagle
GlutinoThey make gluten-free Oreo knock offs in chocolate, vanilla, and super stuffed flavors. Walmart, Food Lion, Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and others.
Goodie GirlThe sandwich cookies are gluten-free without preservatives, HFCS, peanuts, and eggs.Target, Walmart, Whole Foods Kroger, Publix, & others.
Grandma’sGrandma’s is owned by the snack food giant, FritoLay. It appears they just make vanilla & peanut butter sandwich cookies. Family Dollar, Gas Stations
Great Value Twist & ShoutWalmart’s version of Oreos. See our article Oreo vs. Twist & Shout.Walmart
Hannaford Creme-O’sCreme-O’s are sold under the store brand of Hannaford stores. Hannaford
Happy BellyHappy Belly is a food and beverage brand of Amazon.Amazon
Harris Teeter Twist TopsHarris Teeter’s take on Oreos. Harris Teeter
H-E-B TwistersH-E-B stores take on Oreos. HEB
HighkeyHighkey makes a sugar-free Oreo-style cookie with 9 grams of fiber per three cookies. Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, and others.
Kinnikinnick – KinniTOOSKinnikinnick makes gluten-free foods without dairy, nuts, peanuts, or soy. Its Oreo-like cookies are called KinniTOOS. Whole Foods, Walmart, Meijer, Safeway, & others.
Kroger KaleidosKroger is one of America’s top grocery store chain who offers KaleidOs under its store brand label. Kroger
Lenny & Larry’s – The Complete CremesLenny & Larry’s makes plant-based protein sandwich cookies. They are Certified Vegan with less sugar than the leading brand
Lil Dutch MadeThe brand is owned by AbiMar Foods who makes a variety of flavors of sandwich creme cookies. Amazon, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Walmart, & others.
Meijer Twist N’ DipTwist N’ Dip is Meijer stores take on Oreos.Meijer
MineesThese are imported from India by Global Brands and feature a diamond pattern on the cookie surface. Dollar Tree, Amazon, Walmart.
My Dad’s CookiesThey gluten-free Oreo knock offs and several other varieties of gluten-free cookies. Plum Market and other smaller grocery stores.
Nature’s PromiseThey make USDA organic Oreo-like cookies among other products for Ahold owned stores. Stop & Shop, Giant.
Newman’s-O’sA product of the Newman’s Own brand founded by actor Paul Newman and writer A.E. Hotchner in 1982. 100% profits go to charity. Various U.S. grocery stores.
Nice!A Walgreens brand of cookies and numerous other products. Walgreens
PaskeszThe company specializes in producing products for kosher consumers. Try its Trios sandwich cookies for a taste like Oreos. TBD
Publix Sandwich CookiesPublix is a grocery store chain that operates primarily in the Southeast U.S. Its store brand makes Oreo knock offs.Publix
Rip VanRip Van makes Leos which basically look like Oreos but with a lion imprinted on the outer cookie surfaces. Two cookies have only 3 grams of sugar. Whole Foods, Sprouts, Harris Teeter, Walmart, Costco.
SE GrocersA store brand of Winn-Dixie.Winn-Dixie (owned by Aldi)
Signature Select – Sandwich Creme CookiesSignature Select is the store brand of Albertsons Companies. Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and others.
Simple MillsThese are nut butter stuffed sandwich cookies so they are a bit different from traditional Oreos. The company calls the cookies a “reimagined cookie you know and love”. Amazon, Whole Foods, Kroger, Sprouts, Vons, and others.
Simple Truth – Sandwich CookiesSimple Truth is a brand of Kroger that hit store shelves in 2012. The brand has natural and organic products. Kroger
Smart WayA newer budget-friendly brand of Kroger stores that makes sandwich cookies similar to Oreos. Kroger family of stores
Stop & ShopStop & Shop offers sandwich cookies under its store brand. Stop & Shop
That’s Smart!Another cookie brand of Topco sold in most states. Hy-Vee, Giant Eagle, Schnucks, Lowe’s, Food King, Ridley’s, Piggly Wiggly, and others.
Trader Joe’s – Joe-Joe’sJoe-Joe’s are a line of sandwich cookies produced for Trader Joe’s which makes classic chocolate vanilla creme cookies among others. Trader Joe’s
Uncle Al’sThe Uncle Al’s brand makes several flavors of sandwich cookies with its Chocolate Cremes being closest to Original Oreos.Winn Dixie, Walmart, Amazon, and others.
Wegmans W O’sWegman’s sells Original, Vanilla, Double Filled, Double Filled Mint, and Double Filled Chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreos under its store brand.Wegmans
Weis Quality – Sandwich CookiesThe store brand of Weis Markets makes a variety of creme filled cookies.Weis Market
Western FamilyA brand sold at independently owned markets and owned by Topco. Select independent grocery stores

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