Lemon Juice Brands – 12 Real Lemon Juice Brands

Lemon juice is certainly not a beverage that most people drink straight given its sour and acidic taste. However, this type of juice is found in many refrigerators around the world given its versatility to make things like desserts, mixed drinks, dressings, marinades, and much more.

This article is designed to help you find a new lemon juice brand or learn about what is out there. We think you’ll find a juice that you can enjoy for many years ahead based on the high-quality selection featured below.

Brands of Lemon Juice


Website: realemon.ca
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This lemon juice brand first hit grocery store shelves in 1934. It was invented by Irving Swartzburg in Chicago who worked at a hotel squeezing citrus prior to inventing ReaLemon.

A bottle (945 mL) of ReaLemon is equivalent to 21 lemons. Furthermore, three tablespoons equal the juice of about a standard-sized lemon. In other words, a single bottle will go a long way in meeting your lemon needs. If you prefer a smaller size than 945 mL, ReaLemon also makes 440 mL and 125 mL sizes.


Water, concentrated lemon juice, sulphites, and lemon oil


Website: dreamfoods.com
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It is called “Volcano” because the lemons used to make this lemon juice brand are grown in the volcanic soils of Italy’s Mount Etna. This area is praised for its fertile soils that are superb for growing high-quality lemons. This juice is not only convenient but also tastes fresh. You won’t regret putting it in a splash in water, making a mixed drink with it, or using it in numerous other ways.

The sizes available are 1 liter and 500 milliliters. A liter is equivalent to 40 organic lemons.


100% organic lemon juice

Santa Cruz

Website: santacruzorganic.com
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Santa Cruz was a pioneer in organic products. It was launched in the early 1970s as an organic apple juice brand. The juice was pressed using organic Santa Cruz apples picked from orchards in this region of California.

Today, the company specializes in a variety of organic products including not only juices but other items like fruit spreads, applesauces, and mocktails.

Santa Cruz Organic Pure Lemon Juice is USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. It is available in 16 and 32 fluid-ounce bottles.


Organic lemon juice


Website: lakewoodjuice.com
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Fred Fuhrman started Lakewood in 1935 when he began delivering juices and fruits to Miami Beach hotels. It was Fred’s son, Thomas, who helped evolve the company into a not-from-concentrate juice business in the 1970s. Today, its one of the top family-owned and operated organic juice companies in the United States.

Lakewood makes a high-quality Pure Lemon Organic Juice that is not from concentrate. This organic juice is pasteurized, preservative-free, and Non-GMO. A 32-fluid-ounce bottle of this lemon juice brand has up to 30 organic lemons.


Organic lemon juice


Website: lucysinc.com
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Lucy’s was launched in 2003 in Southern California. It was founded by Miguel, a Mexican entrepreneur, who realize the lack of quality lemon juices sold in the United States during vacation. He moved from Mexico to the United States with his wife and children to California where the business was opened out of the family garage.

Lucy’s Lemon Juice is made with lemon juice from concentrate, lemon oil, and preservatives to extend its shelf life.


Filtered water, lemon juice concentrate, lemon oil, sodium benzoate (as a preservative), sodium bisulfate (as a preservative).

Nellie & Joe’s

Website: keylimejuice.com
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Nellie & Joe’s opened its doors in 1968 as a family-owned business and began making its “original” Key Lime Juice. The lime juice is a favorite for people who enjoy making Key Lime Pie. The company even prints a recipe for it on the bottle.

Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lemon Juice is a popular choice to use to make lemon pies, tarts, and drinks. It is sold in a 16-ounce bottle. It’s gluten-free, kosher, and Non-GMO.

See also>>Another Key West lemon juice brand is Cambie which is made with 100% KeyWest lemons.


Key West lemon juice, lemon oil from concentrate, less than 1/10 of 1% sodium benzoate (as a preservative)


Website: cheekycocktails.co

Cheeky is a young business that was launched by April Wachtel, an experienced beverage industry worker. Wachtel started a batched cocktail service which moved into a bottled mixer company. Cheeky began in April 2020 offering syrups and juices for batched cocktails.

Cheeky Lemon Juice is made with 100% fresh-squeezed lemons meaning it’s all-natural and not from concentrate. Be sure to keep the bottle sealed until ready to use since the beverage is shelf-stable if unopened.


100% lemon juice


Website: sicilia.de
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Sicilia was started in Dresden, Germany by Gustav Paul Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt was an engineer and also owned a popular deli with his wife called Aufs Brot which was started in the 1930s. One day, a customer asked for lemon juice which Hildebrandt was glad to provide. He filled a small bottle with the juice which was unique since most lemon juices were sold in larger sizes. The company became popular for its smaller 100mL bottles of lemon juice which were perfect for at-home use.

Today, Sicilia makes a few varieties of lemon juice: Fresh Lemon Juice, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, and Lemon Squeeze.


Website: concordfoods.com
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Concord Foods is the Massasschutts company behind such brands as Concord Fresh Success, Simply Concord, and Concord Foods. Its products include juices, baking items, dips, caramel apple kits, and more.

Give Italia Italian Lemon Juice a try. It is made with premium lemon juice for a top-notch taste. It’s available in 4.23 and 6.76-ounce sizes. This lemon juice brand is a product of Italy.


Lemon juice, lemon oil and potassium metabisulfite (as a preservative)


Website: iberiafood.com
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Iberia is a popular food and beverage manufacturer that specializes in products from Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. The company’s product portfolio is deep with items like beans, canned meats, cooking oils, plantain chips, grains, sugars, and much more.

Iberia Lemon Juice is made with lemon juice from concentrate with added ingredients. It’s available in a 32-ounce bottle.


Lemon juice from concentrate (water, concentrated lemon juice), sodium benzoate (preservative), lemon oil


Website: goya.com
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Goya is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in America which was founded by the Unanue family in 1936 in Lower Manhattan. The company has grown its product offerings to 2,500 and it has more than 4,000 employees across the globe.

Goya Tropical Lemon Juice can be purchased in 8 and 32-ounce sizes. It is a natural-strength lemon juice made from concentrate.


Filtered water, lemon juice concentrate, lemon oil, sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium bisulfite (preservative)


Website: delallo.com
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DeLallo was established by George and Madeline DeLallo in 1950 near Pittsburg. They specialize in producing Mediterranean and Italian food and beverage products including pizza sauce, pizza, peppers, olive oil, and other regionally specific foods. The company has been family-owned and operated from the beginning.

This lemon juice brand is made with 100% lemon juice with essential oil of lemon.


Lemon juice, lemon oil, potassium metabisulphite (preservative).