Dr Pepper Off Brands: The Definitive List

Here is a list of Dr Pepper off-brands. We suspect that many readers will be surprised at the number of Dr Pepper clones that are existing or have existed at one time.

You will notice that some of the product names are in bold type. These are the sodas we have relatively high confidence are still being made at the time of this article.

Keep in mind that information is scarce on many of these off-brands from past or present. Please contact us if you know of a Dr Pepper clone that is not listed below or if you believe some info needs to be revised. We will do our best to improve upon this list over time since many people are interested in this topic.

Dr Pepper Off Brands

Dr Pepper Off BrandDescriptionWhere To Buy?
Big K Dr. KA Kroger brand that is described as spicy, sweet, deep, crisp, fruity, and peppery.Kroger, Baker’s, Fred Meyer, Gerbes, Ralphs, King Soopers, Dillions, Smith’s, Fry’s, Food 4 Less, Jay C Food Stores, and other Kroger Family of Companies
Braum’s SpecialThe soda was made by Braum’s ice cream and dairy stores. We heard a rumor that it’s still available but cannot yet confirm.
Country DoctorThis is a store brand of the Midwest grocer, Fareway. Fareway
Doc HolidayA Dr Pepper knock off with the American gunfighter as its mascot. It was made by the Southeastern Bottling Company of Arizona with a taste of Dr Pepper mixed with cherry cola.
Doc ZippA Dr. soda found at Lidl stores.Lidl
DoctorThis Dr. soda was made under the Our Family brand label that is currently owned by SpartanNash.
Dr 38The store brand of Dr soda at Hyvee.Hyvee
Dr. A+An Albertsons soda brand.
Dr. Aahh Mr. aahh and Dr. Aahh were Dr. sodas of Giant Eagle stores. The Mr. supposedly came before the Dr.
Dr. BDr. B is a soda brand of the Texas-based HEB grocery chain. There was also a Buehler’s Buy Low brand of Dr. B that is no longer manufactured. H-E-B
Dr. BeckerThis soda is made by Blue Sky Beverage Co., a subsidiary of Coca-Cola. It’s caffeine-free and sweetened with cane sugar.Various Locations
Dr. Bill’s A Dr Pepper-like beverage made by Wild Bill’s who specializes in craft beverages and olde fashioned soda. DrinkWildBills.com
Dr. BlastThe soda was made by Patriot’s Choice and was sold to members of the U.S. military.
Dr. BobThe brand is owned by Ahold, the parent company of several grocery stores.Giant, Stop and Shop
Dr. BoldA brand made for Albertsons stores.
Dr. Bruno’sBruno’s was once a grocery store chain that is now defunct. Dr. Bruno’s was one of the sodas made for the chain.
Dr. BuzzIt was a Candian brand of Dr. soda that was made by Western Family Foods. Despite its name, it was not a good product to take the edge off on a Friday night.
Dr. CelesteA soda brand that was once found around the South.
Dr. Cheaper
Dr. Cheer
Dr. ChekA soda brand owned by Winn-Dixie stores.Winn-Dixie
Dr. ChillA brand of SuperValu sold under the Super Chill brand name. Needler’s, Fleet Farm, Mackenthun’s
Dr. ChoiceA soda brand made by Best Choice Brand.Various Locations
Dr. CoolFound in Texas at one point.
Dr. CountryIt was made by Food Folks and sold around North Carolina.
Dr. DDelchamps was a chain of supermarkets near the Gulf Coast. Dr. D was one of its store sodas.
Dr. DazzleIt’s made under the Summit brand sold at Aldi. Dr. Dazzle soda was made by Sure-Fine at one time in the past as well.Aldi
Dr. DelightSold in the South at multiple grocery stores.
Dr. DiabloIt was made by the California company, Shasta, who still makes Dr. Shasta.
Dr. DoctorA soda syrup brand (Soda Stream Compatible).RealSugarSoda.com
Dr. DuckFormerly a brand of the bankrupt Duckwall-ALCO Stores that mostly operated in the Midwest.
Dr. DynamiteThis soda is sold under the Signature Select brand owned by Albertsons.Albertsons, Vons, Tom Thumb, Carrs, and other Albertsons owned stores
Dr. ExtremeA Dr Pepper clone made for Harris Teeter stores.
Dr. FaygoThe Faygo brand is made in Detroit and is owned by National Beverage (parent company of La Croix & Shasta).Various Locations
Dr. FiestaThis soda is made by Fiesta! and sold at Basha’s in Arizona and likely other stores as well.Basha’s
Dr. FineDr. Fine was made by Shurfine, a maker of private and store-brand products.
Dr. FizzA brand that was made by Cardinal Beverages.
Dr. FlavorA one-time off-brand of DP found at dollar stores, among other places.
Dr. FreshA store brand of soda for the now-bankrupt Marsh Supermarkets.
Dr. Furr’sFurr’s was a grocery store chain located in Texas and New Mexico that is no longer in business. Dr. Furr’s was a store-brand soda.
Dr. Good GuyThis soda is made by Kalil Bottling in Tucson, Arizona. Kroger?
Dr. GulpsterIt was sold under the Classic Selection soda at 7-11.
Dr. HyTopThe HyTop brand is owned by Federated Group and is sold in smaller grocery stores. Dr. HyTop doesn’t appear to still be made.
Dr. IGAIGA stores version of a Dr Pepper style of drink that is said to taste pretty similar to the real deal. IGA stores
Dr. Joe’sTrader Joe’s attempt at a fake Dr Pepper.
Dr. KIt was a brand of Kash n’ Karry, a Florida grocery store. Dr. K is also Krogers current Dr Pepper off-brand (see “Big K” above).
Dr. KistDr. Kist was made by Leading Edge Brands.
Dr. LariatWolmex Beverage Company once made this soda in the 1990s.
Dr. LouThe supermarket chain, Schnucks, has a new line of sodas that were introduced in mid-2019. Schnucks
Dr. LowesThis Dr Pepper off-brand was made for Lowes stores.
Dr. LynnThe Laura Lynn brand is exclusive to Ingles Markets. Ingles
Dr. MA brand of Meijer stores.Meijer
Dr. NehiNehi soda is still being made. Unfortunately, Dr. Nehi is not one of the current flavors. Nehi is a brand of Keurig Dr Pepper. It likely doesn’t make sense for them to make another Dr soda.
Dr. NutAn old soda that was once made by the World Bottling Company in New Orleans. Wright Root Beer also produced it at one time. It was reportedly off stores shelves by the 1980s.
Dr. ParadeParade was a soda brand based out of Texas.
Dr. ParkerAn all-natural soda that was once produced under the 365 brand of Whole Foods.
Dr. PathThe store brand of Pathmark stores.
Dr. PerfectThis soda was made under the Sensational brand and was reportedly not a perfect replacement for Dr Pepper. Bi-Lo also made a Dr. Perfect as a store brand,
Dr. PerkyFood Lion’s store brand of Dr. soda.Food Lion, Bottom Dollar (no longer open)
Dr. PeteA SodaStream drink mix.Ralphs, Walmart, Home Depot, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Others
Dr. PhizzDr. Phizz once appeared on store shelves at Schnucks.
Dr. PolarThe soda was made by Polar Beverages. This flavor is not listed on the company’s website so we assume it is no longer made.
Dr. PopDr. Pop was a brand of Save-A-Lot. Metro Beverages also made a Dr Pepper clone under the Lotsa brand.
Dr. PopzDr. Popz was a knock off Dr Pepper product made for Giant Eagle stores.
Dr. PrideThe soda was made for the grocer, Homeland, with stores in Texas and Oklahoma.
Dr. PublixThe employee-owned Publix supermarket sells its own Dr Pepper off-brand.Publix
Dr. Quencher A soda that was made for the Spartan Brand of stores in the Midwest.
Dr. RDr. Randalls (see below) was shortened to Dr. R at some point.
Dr. RadicalA soda of Adirondack Beverage. Dr. Radical is no longer listed as a flavor on the company website.
Dr. Randalls A soda that was once sold at Randalls (now an Albertsons company).
Dr. Red & WhiteIt was made under the Red & White brand owned by Federated Group.
Dr. RushThe brand was made by R.J. Corr Naturals based out of Posen, Illinois.
Dr. RifficA soda that was sold at the now-defunct Eckerd Drugstores.
Dr. RightIt was made by Preferred Products and Flavorite for Supervalu.
Dr. RocketK-Mart’s version of a Dr. soda.
Dr. SThe Dr. soda brand of Shoppers Food Warehouse. Another Dr. S product was sold under the Southern Home brand and was found in Alabama and surrounding areas.
Dr. SchneeThis was a product of Vess that predated Dr. Vess.
Dr. ShastaA brand of National Beverage. Described as sweet and zesty. Various Locations
Dr. Shaw’sShaw’s grocery store brand of Dr. soda.
Dr. SippIt was the store brand of Dr. soda sold at Smart & Final.
Dr. SkipperThis soda was a brand of Safeway grocery stores.
Dr. SliceSlice was a soda brand of PepsiCo. The brand was sold to New Slice Ventures in 2018. New Slice ise now a sparkling water company.
Dr. Smith’sReportedly a brand a of Smith’s Food
Dr. SmoothIt’s a brand made by President’s Choice, a Canadian company.
Dr. SnapWhole Foods brand under the 365 Everyday Value name. 100% cane sugar used.
Dr. SparkleA soda that was made for Price Chopper Supermarkets. There was also a Dr. Sparkle made under the Lowes Foods brand.
Dr. SpiceMade under the Market Pantry brand of Target.
Dr. Springfield
Dr, Springtime
Dr. StarrThis is a brand manufactured to be sold at Lucky stores.
Dr. StripesSold at Dollar Tree under the Stars & Stripes brand name.
Dr. TasteIt was made by Marquee Premium.
Dr. TexTexas Beverage Packaging owned the trademark to this soda from the early 1990s to the early 2000s.
Dr. ThirstIt was made under Fleming Companies Marquee Premium brand.
Dr. ThunderSold under Walmart’s Great Value brand.Walmart
Dr. TopperDollar General’s knock-off of Dr Pepper was sold under the Clover Valley brand. It has been reportedly discontinued. HyTop also had a brand under the same name.
Dr. TopsA brand of Dr. soda made for Tops Friendly Markets headquartered in New York. Tops
Dr. TremorA soda made by Raley’s Soda.
Dr. UUnited Supermarkets brand of Dr. soda. There was also a Dr. U sold at Ukrop’s Super Markets.
Dr. Up!
Dr. UrgeA Dr Pepper Knock off sold at Kwik Trip.
Dr. VessVess is a soda brand with strong distribution in St. Louis.
Dr. WA soda sold under the Wegmans store brand.
Dr. WeisThe store brand of Weis Markets.Weis Markets
Dr. WellsThis pepper-style soda is made by The Dad’s Root Beer Company.Various Locations
Dr. West Similar to Dr. Buzz, this one was made by Western Family.
Dr. WhamA soda that was launched by Buffalo Rock in 2005. Various Locations
Dr. (Doctor) WhateverIt’s made by Journey and is listed as being “out of stock” on bevmo.com. We cannot confirm or deny if its being made at this time.
Dr. WildA natural soda that was once made by Wild Oats.
Dr. WowThis soda is sold under the Food Club brand.Acme, Market 33, Others
Dr. ZeppaA brand of Store 24 from the New England area.
Dr. ZesteeA brand made under the Private Selection brand name.
Dr. ZeviaThe Zevia brand is known for its zero-calorie sodas that are naturally sweetened.Various Locations
Dr. ZipThis soda was found in Canada and made under the Compliments brand.
Dr. ZingIt was sold under the Super G brand that was available at Giant.
Mr. aahh Mr. aahh and Dr. Aahh were Dr. sodas of Giant Eagle stores.
Mr. PibbPibb Xtra (see below) took over for Mr. Pibb.
Mr. PigA Piggly Wiggly store brand of soda.Piggly Wiggly
Mr. SippA soda made by Iris that was sold at Smart & Final stores.
PeppoCoca-Cola once made this Dr Pepper competitor that was eventually rebranded as Mr. Pibb. It was marketed as a “Pepper Type Soda”.
Pibb XtraA brand of The Coca-Cola Company that is described as having spicy, cherry, and cola flavors. Various Locations
Real Dr. A Dr Pepper copycat made by Sunny Select.
Southern LightningThe brand name of Dr. Thunder (Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club) before it was Dr. Thunder.
Texas FizzA soda made for Phar-Mor, a drug store based out of Ohio that is no longer in business.
The Dr.Another soda brand of Safeway
The Dr. SodaBuehler’s Fresh Foods housed this Dr Pepper style of soda.

Feature Image Credit – FrankieLeon/flickr