Candy Starting With I: (Letter I Candies)

Frankly, there aren’t many candies that start with I. Nonetheless, below you will find a list of these candies and and a description of each treat.

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Let’s get into the details of these candies that begin with I!

List Of Candy That Starts With I

IBC Root Beer Barrels

IBC Root Beer Barrels are root beer flavored hard candies. They have a sweet and slightly spicy taste reminiscent of traditional root beer soda.

As their name indicates, they are shaped like mini root beer barrels. Most people opt to suck on them for a lasting treat. However, they certainly can be bitten into and chewed for the people with less patience. Just be carefule not to crack a tooth.

They are a popular bulk candy item. At a local grocery store near Brand Informers, they are displayed in bulk in a large holding barrel where people can scoop them out and purchase them by weight.

Ice Breakers

Image: m01229/flickr

Ice Breakers is a brand of sugar-free gum and mints made by The Hershey Company. The brand was purchased by the company in 2000 from Nabisco along with other familiar brands such as Bubble Yum and Breath Savers. The popular flavors of the gum include Peppermint and Spearmint.

Ice Cubes

Image: Willis Lam/flickr

Ice Cubes are sold by Albert’s Candy. The company dates back to 1916 when in began in Manhattan, NY as a food and specialty importer. They eventually got into the confectionery business and are known for inventing the concept of 240 counts bags of candy, which influenced others to follow.

Its Ice Cubes candy is made in Germany and has been around since the 1930s. They are made of chocolate and not frozen water so don’t expect them to chill a drink on a hot day.

They are sold individually wrapped in classic gold, red, and white wrappers. They are also shaped like ice cubes to fit their brand name. The candy features an iced chocolate flavor with a taste of hazelnut.

In addition to chocolate Ice Cubes, Ice Breakers gum that is cube shaped is also known as Ice Cubes.

Icee Squeeze

Image: Mike Mozart/flickr

Icee Squeeze Candy is a type of candy that is designed to replicate the taste of Icee slushy drinks with a candy twist. The candy typically comes in small, squeezable plastic bottles or tubes. The candu itself is similar in appearance to liquid candy.

The candy is consumed by squeezing the gel from the bottle directly into your mouth. It offers a sweet, fruity, and sour taste reminiscent of the various flavors of Icee drinks, such as cherry and blue raspberry. It’s a popular treat among children but many adults will find it too sour for their liking.

Idaho Spud

Idaho Spud is unique in that it’s a candy shaped like a potato as you can see from the image above. However, it does not actually contain any potato.

The interior of a Spud is made of coconut and soft marshmallow, which is meant to mimic the fleshy portion of a potato. The exterior of this candy is dark chocolate with coconut sprinkled on it.

Idaho Spud has been made for over 100 years and is particularly popular in the Northwest United States. It is made by the Idaho Candy Company and was invented by Thomas Smith, founder of the company.