10 Taco Sauce Brands to Try on Taco Nights

Have you ever wonder what taco sauce brands are available beyond the ones commonly found in your grocery store? Below are ten popular options for you to consider to top your next tacos.

Taco Sauce Brands


Website: ortega.com

Ortega is one of the most recognized names in Mexican foods that can be purchased at most grocery stores. In fact, its taco sauce is the top-selling brand in the United States.

The company dates back well over 100 years when Emilio Ortega began to sell his chile peppers to the public. His company, The Ortega Chile Packaging Company, was the first commercial food operation in California according to the Ortega website.

Today, Ortega is owned by B&G Foods. The company is also behind other popular brands such as Green Giant, Crisco, and Back to Nature.

The taco sauces made by Ortega are:

  • Mild Taco Sauce
  • Medium Taco Sauce
  • Hot Taco Sauce
  • Flavor Craver Chipotle Taco Sauce
  • Flavor Craver Taco Ranch Taco Sauce
  • Asada 3 Chile & Garlic Flavor – Street Taco Sauce
  • Mojo Chile Lime Flavor – Street Taco Sauce
  • Tinga Chipotle Tomato Jalapeno Flavor – Street Taco Sauce

Taco Bell

Website: kraftbrands.com/tbho/

The Taco Bell products found in grocery stores are produced by Kraft Heinz. Taco Bell has had a partnership with Kraft since 1996. The company makes an assortment of Mexican food products such as taco seasoning, refried beans, taco shells, meal kits, dips, sauces, and desserts.

The Taco Bell brand offers the following taco sauces to consumers:

  • Mild
  • Hot


Website: salsas.com/herdez

Herdez is a brand of MegaMex Foods. MegaMex was created in 2009 as a joint venture between Herdez del Fuerte and Hormel. The company is behind other popular Mexican food brands such as Chi-Chi’s and La Victoria.

Herdez makes Taqueria Street Sauces in the following flavors:

  • Original Roja Medium
  • Original Verde Mild
  • Habanero Hot
  • Chipotle Medium

La Victoria

Website: salsas.com/la-victoria

As stated above (see Herdez), La Vitoria is a brand of MegaMex Foods. La Victoria dates back to 1917 when they first launched Salsa Brava Hot Sauce that was produced from California tomatoes and created from an authentic Mexican recipe. Today, the brand makes salsas, hot sauces, chiles & peppers, taco sauces, and enchilada sauces.

As a side note, the company makes an excellent enchilada sauce. It came in second in our best-canned enchilada sauce taste test. It is worth a try if you enjoy enchilada sauce!

La Victoria makes the following taco sauce flavors:

  • Red Taco Sauce – Mild
  • Red Taco Sauce – Medium
  • Green Taco Sauce – Mild
  • Green Taco Sauce – Medium

Red Duck

Website: redduckfoods.com

Red Duck specializes in making organic artisan condiments. Its products are ketchup, BBQ sauce, cocktail sauce, and taco sauce. The company was founded by three women graduate students in 2013. The taco sauces are a rather new addition to the company’s line of products. The sauces were officially released in March 2018.

All of Red Duck’s taco sauces are organic, gluten-free, and vegan. The sauces made by the company are:

  • Mild
  • Korean
  • Spicy

Pico Pica

Website: juanitas.com/pico-pica

Juanita’s started in 1946 as a canning company in California. In the 1970’s they began to focus on ready-to-eat foods when they acquired the Pico Pica brand. The brand manufactures real Mexican-style taco and hot sauces.

Pico Pica makes two taco sauces. They are as follows:

  • Mild Taco Sauce
  • Green Taco Sauce


Website: hatchchileco.com

Hatch is much more than just a taco sauce brand. The company makes a variety of products including canned green chile peppers, salsas, and canned/jarred jalapeno peppers. Hatch is based in New Mexico which is known for producing high-quality chilies, particularly in the Hatch region.

Hatch makes one taco sauce:

  • Fire Roasted Taco Sauce

Spanish Gardens

Website: spanishgardensfoods.com

Spanish Gardens began as a restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas in the 1950s. The taco sauce served at the restaurant soon became a favorite of the local community. Luis Silva, the owner, realized there was a demand for his sauce and tortillas beyond the restaurant. He began to bottle the taco sauce and make tortillas to fill the demand.

While Silva passed away in the 1970s and the restaurant has since closed, his daughters took over to carry on what Luis started with his Mexican food business.

Spanish Gardens makes the following taco sauces:

  • Mild Taco Sauce
  • Hot Taco Sauce
  • Extra Extra Hot Taco Sauce


Website: fodyfoods.com

The company specializes in making foods that have no onion and garlic. All products are gluten-free, lactose-free, and non-GMO. The mission of Fody Foods is to provide gut-friendly foods to consumers who may have digestive issues. The company manufactures a large assortment of products such as pasta sauce, salsa, chips, snack bars, BBQ sauce, and taco sauce.

Fody’s gut-friendly taco sauce lives up to the company’s promise of being onion and garlic-free with no lactose or gluten.

Sky Valley

Website: skyvalleyfoods.com

Sky Valley Foods is a 100% employee-owned company that was started by Rachel Kruse. The company is named after Kruse’s daughter, Sky. The brands connect to Sky Valley include Litehouse, Organicville, Green Garden, and Veggiecraft.

Sky Valley’s taco sauce is made with tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and spices. This medium spiced sauce is vegan and gluten-free.