Do Taco Bell Freezes Have Caffeine? – Answered


One Taco Bell Freeze flavor has caffeine while the other freezes do not. The flavor with caffeine is Mtn Dew Baja Blast. Keep reading to learn how much caffeine is in this Freeze.

Taco Bell Freeze Caffeine

Here are the amounts of caffeine in each Taco Bell Freeze for each regular and large serving size.

FlavorServing SizeCaffeine(mg)
Mtn Dew Baja Blast16 fl. oz. (regular size)48
Mtn Dew Baja Blast20 fl. oz. (large size)60
Wild Strawberry16 fl. oz. (regular size)0
Wild Strawberry20 fl. oz. (large size)0
Blue Raspberry16 fl. oz. (regular size)0
Blue Raspberry20 fl. oz. (large size)0

Taco Bell Freeze Baja Blast Ingredients

You can typically tell if a beverage has caffeine by reviewing its ingredients. Since Baja Blast is the only Freeze with caffeine, it is the only one reflecting caffeine in its list of ingredients shown below.

Baja Blast Freeze- Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, yucca mohave extract, caffeine, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, gum arabic, calcium disodium EDTA, vegetable oil, yellow 5, blue 1.

Wild Strawberry Freeze – Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, natural flavor, yucca mohave extract, sodium benzoate (P), red #40 (C), gum arabic, glycerol ester of rosin, mixed triglycerides.

Blue Raspberry Freeze- Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium citrate, yucca Mohave extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, calcium sodium EDTA, blue 1, red 40.

Caffeine: Baja Blast Freeze vs Other Beverages

Are you curious how the caffeine in Baja Blast Freeze compares to other popular beverages? The table below shows this data. The caffeine in a Baja Blast Freeze is equivalent to approximately a Coke or Pepsi of the same size.

BeverageServing SizeCaffeine(mg)
Baja Blast Freeze16 fl. oz.48
Mtn Dew Slurpee16 fl. oz.40
Coke Slurpee16 fl. oz.29.3
Baja Blast (soda only, not a freeze or slushie)16 fl. oz.72
Mtn Dew16 fl. oz.72
Coca-Cola Classic16 fl. oz.45.3
Diet Coke16 fl. oz61.3
Pepsi16 fl oz50
Red Bull16 fl. oz.151.3
Monster Energy16 fl. oz.160
Coffee16 fl. oz.182*
*Source – USDA. Caffeine is approximate.

image credit – lain fergus/flickr