Do They Still Make Honeycomb Cereal? – Answered

Honeycomb Cereal in a Bowl

Did They Discontinue Honeycomb Cereal?

Yes, they still make Honeycomb cereal. Post Consumer Brands has been making this honey-flavored oat and corn cereal since 1965.

While dated, the Twitter response from Post shown below still applies today,

Where To Buy Honeycomb?

To find out where Honeycomb cereal is sold near you, visit and click the “Buy Now” button. Then type in your Zip Code to reveal stores near you that sell Original Honeycomb.

You can also purchase Honeycomb cereal online at sites such as, Walmart, and Target.

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Discontinued Honeycomb Products

While Original Honeycomb cereal is still being made, other Honeycomb products have been discontinued through the years. Post indicates that these Honeycomb flavors are no longer being made:

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Big Bites
  • Cinna-Graham
  • Strawberry

Honeycomb Commercial

Below is one of the more recent commercials for Honeycomb. This one features the actor Terry Crews dressed up as a bee. This commercial should help you familiarize or refamiliarize yourself with this cereal.

featured image credit – Ahd Photography/flickr