Pork Rinds Brands – 16 Options for Your Next Snack

Pork rinds may be more in demand than ever with the popularity of low-carb, keto, and paleo diets. Most have zero/low carbs and are high in protein making them an attractive snack over many other options available. Of course, you don’t have to be following a special diet to enjoy these crispy treats. Pork rinds have been around long before low-carb was even a thing when people enjoyed them primarily for their delicious taste.

Here are several popular pork rinds brands for you to consider for your next snack:

Pork Rinds Brands

4505 Meats

Website: 4505meats.com

4505 Meats was started by Chef/Butcher Ryan Farr in 2009. He began the business by making Chicharrones (pork rinds) out of his apartment and selling them to local markets. From there, the company opened a restaurant in 2014, 4505 Burgers & BBQ, in San Francisco that uses historic wood-fired barbecue pits.

4505’s pork rinds come from humanely raised animals and are made with all-natural ingredients. The flavors are:

  • Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Smokehouse BBQ
  • En Fuego
  • Sea Salt
  • Chili & Lime


Website: fritolay.com

PepsiCo owns Frito Lay who makes Baken-Ets. Frito Lay is one of the prominent names in snack foods that makes many popular products such as Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Lay’s, and Ruffles. It is no surprise that they also have a pork rinds brands.

Baken-Ets come in the following flavors:

  • Hot ‘N Spicy
  • Traditional
  • Sweet Southern Heat BBQ

Better Made

Website: bettermade.com

Better Made started in Detroit, Michigan in 1930. The owners set out to make better potato chips with the best ingredients. As you likely guessed, the company was named Better Made because of their goal.

According to the company, they use 6o million pounds of chip potatoes each year to produce their chips. The company has expanded well beyond just potato chips since its early days. Some of the other popular snacks made today include popcorn, pretzels, park mix, and pork rinds.

The four flavors of pork rinds made by Better Made are:

  • Regular
  • BBQ
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Salt & Vinegar


Website: brimsnacks.com

Brim’s opened its first pork rind manufacturing building in 1982 and has been making them ever since. They are one of the top producers of pork rinds in the United States with a stronger concentration of products being sold in the southeast. In addition to pork rinds, the company makes popcorn, cheddar fries, cheese puffs, potato chips, and more.

Brim’s pork rind flavors include:

  • Barbecue
  • Hot
  • Plain
  • Sweet & Mild

EPIC Provisions

Website: epicprovisions.com

EPIC was founded by a couple, Katie and Taylor, who transformed their diet from plant-based to paleo. This diet change made them “faster, stronger, and leaner” and was the inspiration for starting EPIC based on convenient animal protein snacks/foods. The company makes products such as meat bars, jerky, chicken crisps, and bone broth, making them much more than just a pork rinds brand.

EPIC’s pork rinds come in the following flavors:

  • Sea Salt & Pepper
  • Texas BBQ
  • Pink Himalayan & Sea Salt
  • Chili Lime
  • Cinnamon Churro
  • Maple Bacon
  • Jalapeno

Field Trip

Website: fieldtripsnacks.com

Field Trip’s primary product is jerky. The brand was developed in a New York City apartment in 2010 after three friends found the market lacked high-quality jerky without unnecessary ingredients such as artificial preservatives and sodium nitrates.

Field Trip pork rinds are paleo and keto-friendly. These low-carb snacks are high in protein with minimal ingredients similar to their jerky. The flavors are:

  • Parmesan Peppercorn
  • Sweet Chipotle
  • Island BBQ


Website: goya.com

Goya specializes in Latino cuisine and has over 2,500 products. The company was started by Spanish immigrants in 1936 and has become the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. Some of its first products were olive oil and sardines.

The flavors of pork rinds manufactured by Goya are:

  • BBQ
  • Hot N’ Spicy
  • Original


Website: oberto.com

Oberto makes these unique microwave pork rinds. Pop them in the microwave like a bag of popcorn and you’ll quickly have hot and puffy rinds for snacking. The available flavors are:

  • Original
  • Hot & Spicy


Website: benestarbrands.com

Mac’s has been making pork snacks since 1932. It’s safe to say that they have perfected the art of producing high-quality pork skins that many people love. They make skins, cracklins, and cracklin curls.

Mac’s pork skins flavors are:

  • Bar-B-Q
  • Original
  • Red Hot
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Spicy Buffalo

The cracklins flavors are:

  • Bar-B-Q
  • Original
  • Fire
  • Golden

The curls flavors are:

  • Original
  • Spicy


Website: missionfoods.com

Mission is widely known for producing high-quality Mexican food products. The parent company of Mission, Gruma, was founded in Mexican in 1949. It has since grown to become the top tortilla company in the United States. The company’s primary products are tortillas, wraps, salsas, dips, and tortilla chips. Of course, they also produce pork rinds.

The two flavors of pork rinds made by Mission are:

  • Original
  • Picante Flavor


Website: outstandingfoods.com

These are “pork rinds” with no pork that feature the clever name of PigOut. In fact, they have no animal ingredients whatsoever. However, each bag has 25 grams of plant-based protein with much less sodium and saturated fat compared to traditional pork rinds. Dave Anderson, the creator of the Beyond Burger, is the chef behind this brand.

The available flavors of these rinds are:

  • Original
  • Hella Hot
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Texas BBQ
  • Salt & Vinegar

Pork Clouds

Website: baconsheir.com

Bacon’s Heir is the maker of Pork Clouds. The company called its pork rinds “Pork Clouds” because of their light and fluffy appearance similar to summer clouds. The business was launched by Brett Goodson who worked as a mechanical engineer before starting the company.

Bacon Heir’s specializes in being a pork panko and pork rinds brand. In other words, they produce what they know best. The company makes these four pork rind flavors:

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Garlic Thyme
  • Malabar Black Pepper

Pork King Good

Website: porkkinggood.com

Pork King Good specializes in producing pork rinds, so you know they are devoted making the best products in this category. The company is rather new, starting in 2018. However, new often means innovative, which is no exception for this company.

Pork King Good makes several varieties of pork rinds with unique flavors for this type of snack. The flavors include:

  • Smoky Jalapeno & Cheese
  • White Cheddar
  • Himalayan Pink Salt & Vinegar
  • Onion & Sour Cream
  • Dill Pickle
  • Nacho Cheddar
  • Salted Butter
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Stupid Hot

They also make pork rind breadcrumbs in the following flavors:

  • Original
  • Italian Flavor
  • Unseasoned
  • Spicy Cajun


Website: porqsnacks.com

Porq makes artisanal fried pork skins. The skins contain zero carbs and no trans fat with 8-9 grams of protein per serving. They are suitable for people that follow the keto diet. These snacks are also gluten-free.

The Porq flavors include:

  • BBQ & Zesty Chipotle
  • Smoky Black Pepper & Sea Salt
  • Fine Herbs & Vinaigrette

Slim Jim

Website: slimjim.com

Slim Jim is known for its affordable meat snacks that were famously pitched by the wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage died in 2011 yet his legacy with Slim Jim lives on. The brand is owned by the large packaged foods company Conagra Brands.

The two flavors of pork rinds made by Slim Jim are:

  • Squealin’ Hot
  • Hogwild BBQ


Website: utzsnacks.com

Utz is one of the largest snack food companies in the United States. It was started by Bill and Salie Utz in the 1920s who’s first product was potato chips. The chips were produced out of the couple’s home in Hanover, Pennsylvania. As demand grew, they moved to a building in the backyard, which allowed them to increase production from 50 pounds to 300 pounds per hour.

Today, the company has modern manufacturing facilities that produce a variety of snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, chips, pork rinds, and more.

Utz makes the following pork rinds:

  • Original
  • Buffalo Flavored