Does Snack Pack Pudding Need To Be Refrigerated? (Answered)

Snack Pack Pudding is made with real milk and no added preservatives. This information alone would lead many people to believe that it should be refrigerated to preserve its freshness.

But, does Snack Pack pudding really require refrigeration? You will find a clear answer below.

Snack Pack Pudding Needs Refrigeration?

No, unopened Snack Pack pudding does not require refrigeration.

In fact, we recently purchased the Snack Pack that is pictured above from Walgreens where the pudding was sitting on a shelf and was not being refrigerated at the store. It is similarly sold at room temperature at other major stores such as Kroger, Walmart, and Target. We have personally verified this on several occasions.

The product packaging does not specifically state that the pudding requires refrigeration. However, if you visit the Snack Pack Facebook page, its “About” section states, “Snack Pack is a great-tasting, shelf-stable pudding that can be enjoyed by the whole family.” The keyword in that sentence is “shelf-stable” which means it is able to remain on a shelf for a long period without quality or spoilage issues.

Furthermore, the product details page on the manufactures website specifically states that the pudding is shelf-stable under its storage condition section.

The Snack Pack that we bought contains a “Best By” date of over 10 months from when we purchased it to give you an example of how long this pudding can last on the shelf without potential quality issues. The manufacturer, Conagra, recommends that the pudding be stored at temperatures between 50-85°F. Most pantries or cupboards will be suitable to store it assuming temperatures are not extreme indoors where you live.

Of course, Snack Pack pudding can always be refrigerated if desired. Most people prefer it cooled but it certainly can be consumed safely at room temperature straight out of the cupboard. This pudding brand is a popular addition to school and work lunches given it’s a non-perishable product.

Snack Packs should not be considered shelf stable once opened. If you happen not to finish a cup of this pudding, be sure to refrigerate the uneaten portion.