Italian Dressing Brands: 15 Popular Options

While ranch is undoubtedly the most popular salad dressing in the United States, Italian certainly is enjoyed around many kitchen tables. The dressing is believed to have first appeared in America in 1941. It was developed by Florence Hanna at the ’41 Cafe, later known as Ken’s Steak House. The dressing quickly became popular with guests who began to request it to be bottled for at-home use.

Since the 1940s, many Italian dressing brands have emerged to capitalize on its popularity. As you likely guessed, there are now numerous brands available. Here are several popular options which are commonly available at most grocery stores:

Italian Dressing Brands


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Brianna’s was launched in 1982 as Del Sol Food. The company got its start making small-batch dressings out of its modest facility in Austin, Texas.

The brand is now a part of Sabormex/La Costeña Group, which is based out of Mexico. Its dressing can be found around the world in places like Europe, South America, and North America.

Brianna’s makes this Italian dressing:

  • Italian Vinaigrette

G Hughes

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G Hughes grew up in a small Ohio town where his family would often have cookouts using a BBQ pit. This influenced Hughes to carry on his family tradition later in life by competing in Pit Master competitions using a modified version of his family’s secret BBQ sauce recipe. Hughes not only competed but won several cook-offs.

As a result of his wins and established notoriety, people began to request Hughes’ sauce for use at home. The focus of the brand eventually began to be on sugar-free sauces and dressings as is the same today.

G Hughes makes this Italian dressing:

  • Sugar Free Italian Dressing


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Girard’s began in 1939 when Chef Pierre Girard developed an assortment of salad dressings in San Francisco. While French dressing was its first product, many other flavors would later follow, including its tasty Italian dressing. This salad dressing brand is recognizable in stores by its angular-shaped bottle featuring the Golden Gate Bridge on its logo.

Girard’s Italian dressing is called the following:

  • Olde Venice Italian

Good Seasons

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Good Seasons makes packets of dry dressing ingredients that are commonly mixed at home with vinegar, water, and oil. The packets are sold in a box of typically four or greater so you’ll be able to make multiple batches for a reasonable price. The packets are versatile because they can be used in recipes or to create marinades.

Good Seasons makes these Italian dressing packets:

  • Zesty Italian
  • Italian

Ken’s Steak House

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The name of this salad dressing brand comes from a Framingham, Massachusetts restaurant of the same name. The restaurant first opened in 1941 and its dressing became very popular with guests who would request them for at-home use. This inspired the founders to license the company name to a friend who began manufacturing it to sell to consumers.

If you are looking for an Italian dressing brand with a lot of options, Ken’s has you covered. The company makes these Italian dressings:

  • Italian
  • Creamy Italian
  • Lite Northern Italian
  • Zesty Italian
  • Italian with Aged Romano
  • Chef’s Reserve Italian with Garlic & Asiago Cheese
  • Three Cheese Italian
  • House Italian
  • Simply Vinaigrette Italian
  • Lite Italian
  • Lite Olive Oil Vinaigrette


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Kraft salad dressing really needs no introduction. The brand is commonly found down most major grocery store dressing aisles. It’s budget-friendly and a good value option for its taste. These are the Italian dressings made by Kraft:

  • Tuscan House Italian
  • House Italian – Lite
  • Roasted Red Pepper Italian
  • Golden Italian
  • Classic Italian Vinigrette
  • Zesty Italian
  • Zesty Italian – Lite
  • Zesty Italian – Fat Free
  • Creamy Italian
  • Creamy Italian with Olive Oil
  • Thick & Creamy Italian (packet)


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As with several other dressing brands, Marzetti began as a restaurant. It was opened in 1896 by Joseph Marzetti and specialized in Italian fare.

Its salad dressings became so popular that the business began manufacturing it above the restaurant in the 1950s. From its humble beginnings, the salad dressing has since grown into one of the premier dressing brands in the United States.

Try these varieties of Marzetti Italian dressing:

  • Sweet Italian
  • Roasted Garlic Italian Vinaigrette
  • Italian Dressing
  • Simply 60 Red Wine Italian Vinaigrette

Newman’s Own

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All profits earned by Newman’s Own go to charities such as the Safe Water Network, SeriousFund Children’s Network, and Wellness in the Schools. So, when you buy Newman’s Own products, you know you are contributing to something good.

The non-profit was started in 1982 by the actor, Paul Newman, and his friend named A.E. Hotchner. Their first product was salad dressing, which according to Newman’s Own, was a quick success.

With $300,000 in profits in its first year, Newman decided to give it all to charity. Since its beginning, more than $570 million has been given to nonprofit entities.

Newman’s Own makes these Italian dressings:

  • Family Recipe Italian
  • Organic Italian
  • Zesty Italian
  • Lite Italian
  • Dairy-Free Italian

Olive Garden

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Vistors of Olive Garden have been enjoying its Signature Italian Dressing for more than 35 years. The dressing is now available for purchase at grocery stores and is produced by T. Marzetti. It’s made with Italian spices, vinegar, and oil.


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Organicville is owned by the popular refrigerated salad dressing company, Litehouse. As its name implies, Organicville makes organic products including dressings, condiments, marinades, BBQ sauces, and more.

Organicville makes a USDA organic Italian vinaigrette and marinade. It is vegan, Whole30 approved, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

  • No Salt Added Italian Vinaigrette & Marinade


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You likely are familiar with Panera as a fast-casual restaurant chain that serves higher quality menu items like soups, salads, and sandwiches. Well, you now can purchase packaged Panera products at grocery stores to enjoy at home.

Panera products available at stores include dressings, coffee, bread, rolls, bagels, soup, and more. The brand makes several dressings including this Italian dressing product:

  • Classic Italian Vinaigrette

Primal Kitchen

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This brand specializes in producing products that are made with real and simple ingredients. Its food items contain no added sugar, canola oil, soy, or dairy.

Primal Kitchen was launched in 2015 by Mark Sisson (triathlete, marathon runner, and author) and Morgan Buehler (surfer, soccer player, and more). The brand is popular with followers of keto, paleo, and similar diets. It is now owned by Kraft-Heinz which purchased the company for around $200 million in 2019.

Primal Kitchen makes these Italian dressings:

  • Dreamy Italian Dressing
  • Italian Vinaigrette & Marinade


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Tessemae’s makes organic dressings, condiments, marinades, and similar products. Its products are popular with people following Keto or Whole30 lifestyles, similar to Primal Kitchen featured above.

In addition to being organic, Tessemae’s Italian dressing is vegan, non-GMO, sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It also meets the requirements for being Keto friendly and Whole30 approved.

  • Pantry Classic Italian

Walden Farms

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Walden Farms began in 1972 with its first product being a no-calorie and fat-free salad dressing. A large assortment of products has been added since it launched, including syrups, dessert dips, mayos, condiments, fruit spreads, and much more. It’s a popular brand for people seeking food with no calories, fat, net carbs, or sugars.

These are the Italian dressings made by Walden:

  • Italian Dressing
  • Zesty Italian


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The Wish-Bone was a Kansas City, Missouri restaurant that was opened shortly after World War II by veteran Phillip Sollomi. The restaurant served prime rib and chicken as its primary dishes. However, it was its salad dressing that made Wish-Bone famous worldwide.

The dressing was first served at the restaurant in 1948 and was created by the founder’s Sicilian mother, Lena. Customers rapidly fell in love with the dressing, which influenced Sollomi to start bottling it for at-home use.

The business grew so much by the 1950s that Sollomi sold it to TJ Lipton to meet demand. Wish-Bone is now owned by the food giant, Conagra Foods.

It remains one of the most iconic Italian dressing brands in the United States and one of the top sellers. Wish-Bone along with Ken’s are credited for helping make Italian dressing popular in North America.

Wish-Bone makes these Italian dressing products:

  • Italian Dressing
  • House Italian
  • Lite Italian
  • Italian Three Cheese
  • Creamy Italian
  • Fat-Free Italian
  • Zesty Robusto Italian