Flatbread Brands: 7 Popular Grocery Store Options

Flatbread dates back thousands of years to the Middle East and is considered one of the first known processed foods. Its popularity in the United States started around the mid-2000s as product offerings of flatbread greatly increased.

While there are many flatbread brands available in the United States and beyond, here are some of the most popular options that are typically easy to find in grocery stores.

Flatbread Brands


Website: atoriasfamilybakery.com

Atoria grew up close to the ancient lands of Mesopotamia where her family would bake traditional flatbreads. She came to America where she realize Americans were missing out on this delicious style of bread. This influenced her to start selling the bread for the people of her new country to enjoy.

The second generation is now responsible for the continued success of Atoria’s Family Bakery. The flatbread is made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The company makes lavash, mini lavash, pita, and naan.


Website: flatoutbread.com

This flatbread brand was started by a husband and wife duo who also owned a small restaurant at the time of launch. The restaurant served its own flatbread which was how the idea for Flatout came about.

Flatout’s flatbread is available in Wraps, CarbDown, and Foldit varieties. The CarbDown flatbreads are the best option for people on a diet. One flatbread contains only 45 calories and 4 -5 net carbs depending on the flavor consumed. They also have 9 grams of fiber.


Website: josephsbakery.com

Joseph’s Bakery began in 1972 by Joseph Boghos in Lowell, Massachusetts. Boghos was an immigrant from Syria who introduce his pita bread to his neighbors. They fell in love with it which influenced him to offer it for sale at grocers and markets. The company started as a pita bread brand with expansion throughout the New England market and then beyond.

Joseph’s Bakery remains family-operated today. They still produce pita along with lavash and wraps.


Website: kontos.com

Kontos has been making products for over 60 years using high-quality ingredients. It sells its bread throughout the U.S. and abroad in the Middle East, Caribbean, East Asia, and Europe, according to the BBC.

Its flatbread is a signature part of the business with over 50 types made. The company believes its hand-stretching method used to make its breads is what separates Kontos from the rest.


Website: missionfoods.com

You likely know Mission as a flour tortilla brand. In fact, they are the top tortilla company in the United States. The company got its start in Mexico in the late 1940s selling the stable of tortillas around Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon.

Its product offerings have greatly expanded since its humble beginning. The company now produces tortillas, wraps, tortilla chips, salsa, dips, flatbreads, and similar items.

A relatively new product is Mission’s Fresh Signature Flatbread. The bread comes in a two-pack and can be used to create pizza, sandwiches, appetizers, and much more.

Nature’s Own

Website: naturesown.com

Nature’s Own is a brand of the behemoth baking company known as Flower Foods. Flower Foods also makes Wonder Bread, Sunbeam, Dave’s Killer, and others.

When Nature’s Own was first introduced by Flower Foods in 1977, it quickly became popular in the Southeast United States. It’s now a leading national bread brand.

Nature’s Own products contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans fat. Its flatbreads are called Perfectly Crafted Flatbreads. They are made in the following varieties:

  • Artisan Flats
  • Bistro Flats
  • Snack Flats

Nature’s Own states that the Artisan Flats are good for making pizzas and the Bistro Flats are best for sandwiches. The Snack Flats are like crackers that can be topped with things like cheese spread, dips, jelly, or frankly whatever else you desire.


Website: stonefire.com

Stonefire makes an assortment of bread including naan, pizza crust, and flatbread. Try its Artisan Flatbread that comes in a two-pack. It contains no artificial preservatives and makes a perfect base to add your favorite pizza sauce brand along with toppings. Another popular option is to use this flatbread for appetizers.


Website: toufayan.com

Harry Toufayan, the founder of Tiufayan Bakeries, was recently inducted into the Baking Hall of Fame by the American Society of Baking. He is credited for helping popularize pita and flatbread in the United States.

The baking roots of the Toufayan family date bake to 1926 in Egypt. The family immigrated to the States in the 1960s where Harry recognize that Americans were missing out on the delicious breads of his birth country. His eventual hard work of getting his breads into stores greatly helped Americans discover and fall in love with pita/flatbread.

Today, Toufayan makes numerous products including lavash, pita, flatbread, bagels, tortillas, wraps, and more. Its products labeled as flatbread include hearty white and wholesome wheat.