Do They Still Make Sour Skittles?

Q: Do they still make Sour Skittles?

Yes, they still make Sour Skittles. However, they are not as easy to find as Original Skittles or even Wild Berry Skittles. We checked our local Walmart and they weren’t in stock. Our local Kroger had them in fun size bags in a Halloween mix along with Original and Wild Berry. A random Albertsons in Boise, Idaho, and our local Target only had Sour Skittles in the chewy variety. You certainly can get them online at places like or for a reasonable price if do some price comparison shopping.

Sour Skittles Flavors

The Sour Skittles flavors and colors are as follows:

  • Red – Sour Strawberry
  • Orange – Sour Orange
  • Yellow – Sour Lemon
  • Green – Sour Green Apple
  • Purple – Sour Grape

Sour Skittles Ice Cream

Not only do they still make Sour Skittles candy, but they also make Sour Skittles ice cream. Unfortunately, for some, these ice cream bars are only available in the United Kingdom. As the packaging states, it contains a fruity flavor ice cream with speckles of candies, which is wrapped in a sour fruit sorbet. They were released in February 2019.

Image – Mike Mozart/flickr