Coffee Creamer Brands – 14 Brands to Liven Up Your Morning Coffee

Are you sick of the same old creamer you use day after day in your morning coffee? Our list of coffee creamer brands will help you find a new brand that you will potentially love more than the one you currently use.

Here are 14 options for you to consider:

Coffee Creamer Brands

Califia Farms


Califia Farms makes plant-based coffee creamers and other related products such as almond milk, plant-based yogurts, and plant butter. The dairy-free creamers have minimal or no sugar. All products are 100% non-GMO, carrageenan-free, gluten-free, and vegan. They are made with the primary ingredients of almondmilk, coconut cream, and/or oatmilk.



You likely know Chobani from its delicious Greek yogurt products that have been in grocery stores since 2007. However, the company has introduced several new products to the market recently. One of these new products was coffee creamer that Chobani introduced in November 2019.

The creamers are made with real natural cream without the use of added oils or artificial ingredients. For example, the vanilla flavor is made with only milk, cream, cane sugar, natural flavors, and vanilla extract. Some of the popular flavors in addition to vanilla, include caramel, hazelnut, and sweet cream.



Coffee-mate is likely the most recognized coffee creamer brand for most readers. It certainly dominates the U.S. market in sales of all coffee creamers. This brand of Nestle was first introduced to the market in 1961 by Carnation. Carnation was acquired by Nestle in 1984.

Coffee-mate was the first non-dairy creamer. The primary ingredients of The Original Liquid Coffee Creamer include water, corn syrup, and vegetable oil to give you an idea of what is in this creamer.

Coffee-mate makes both liquid and powder creamers. The flavors are too long to list here, but some of the more interesting options are Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Glazed Donut Liquid Coffee Creamer.



Dunkin’ Donuts creamers are produced by Danone with the Dunkin’ labeling. They are primarily made with milk, sugar, and cream. The flavors are Extra Extra, Vanilla Extra Extra, Caramel Extra Extra, Original, Coffee Cake, and Boston Kreme. They can be found in 32-ounce bottles. The Extra Extra can also be purchased in a 48-ounce size and a 9ml single-serve size as a 24-pack.



Fairlife entered the coffee creamer market in January 2020 after originally only producing milk products. The creamers feature ultra-filtered milk and 40% less sugar compared to regular coffee creamers. They are made with simple ingredients without artificial flavors. The current flavors include vanilla, sweet cream, hazelnut, and caramel.

International Delight


International Delight is a non-lactose coffee creamer brand similar to Coffee-mate. Its popular French Vanilla creamer contains water, cane sugar, and palm oil as its primary ingredients. This brand first came out in 1987 and is known for being the first non-dairy, flavored creamer to hit store shelves. In addition to French Vanilla, other favorite flavors of this brand include Carmel Macchiato, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, and Sweet Cream.

Kitu Super Coffee


The company appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2018. While the founders left without a deal, the show provided excellent exposure for the brand. However, the company was doing a solid job without the show. During its first two years in business, it produced $600,000 in sales.

Super Coffee makes creamers with no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and a bit of protein. The flavors include Original, Vanilla, French Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Sweet Cream, Maple Pumpkin, and Gingerbread Eggnog.

Natural Bliss


Natural Bliss is the all-natural line of creamers by Coffee-mate. For example, Natural Bliss Vanilla is made with the simple ingredients of nonfat milk, heavy cream, cane sugar, and natural flavor. In addition to dairy creamers, the company makes several plant-based creamers made from almondmilk, coconutmilk, or oatmilk. Natural Bliss features some classic flavors that include sweet cream, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut, to name a few. This is certainly a brand we have enjoyed around the breakfast table along side some toast & eggs, pancakes, or other favorites.



Nutpods is the top dairy-free coffee creamer brand on Amazon. The products are made from almond and coconut cream. All coffee creamers have nine ingredients at maximum without loads of sugar like certain other creamer brands. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and whole 30 approved.



Silk produces a large assortment of dairy-substitutes including several creamers. It is a brand of Danone who acquired Silk’s parent company, White Wave Foods, in April 2017. Its creamers are made from either almond, soy, or oat milk. They also make a half & half with the primary ingredients of creamy oat milk and coconut milk. They have several classic flavors of creamer such as vanilla, hazelnut, sweet & cream, caramel, and creme brulee.

So Delicious


So Delicious has a long 30-year history of producing dairy-alternatives. All its products are certified vegan and non-GMO Project Verified. The company makes two types of creamers: coconutmilk and oatmilk. The coconutmilk flavors are caramel, original, and french vanilla. The oatmilk flavors include snickerdoodle, creamy original, and creamy vanilla.



You likely know Splenda for its low-calorie sweeteners that taste similar to real sugar. However, they also started making coffee creamers in 2019. The products have no sugar or corn syrup. Best of all, they have only 15 calories per serving. The flavors available are French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Sweet Cream.



Starbucks creamers allow you to save a few dollars by making your own Starbucks at home. Okay, maybe it is not exactly like the Starbucks you get at a cafe, but it will get you pretty close. The company makes several popular flavors including Caramel Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce, White Chocolate Mocha, Toffeenut Latte, Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato, Non-dairy Caramel Macchiato, And Non-dairy Hazelnut Latte.

Walden Farms


Walden Farms has been in business since 1972 making a variety of healthy specialty foods such as salad dressings, syrups, sauces, and many more products. The creamers have zero calories, no fat, and no sugar. The brand is popular with people that follow a weight management program or lifestyle.

Closing Thoughts

It certainly is a good time for anyone who enjoys coffee creamer. Over recent years, many new products and flavors have been added to the market to provide countless options to liven up just about any cup of coffee. We will likely see even more products/flavors added in the coming years as the coffee creamer market continues to grow.