Do Takis Have MSG? – Answered

Takis is a snack food brand made in Mexico but widely enjoyed in the United States and beyond. The brand is known for making snacks like its popular rolled tortilla chips that contain plenty of flavors and some heat.

While people have many questions regarding this unique snack food, this article will specifically cover whether Takis have MSG. Let’s get into it!

Takis & MSG

MSG is disclosed as an ingredient on the product label if it contains it. The ingredients will not reflect its abbreviate name”MSG” but its full name “Monosodium Glutamate”. Naturally, many people don’t realize they are eating MSG because they are unaware that Monosodium Glutamate is also known as MSG.

We reviewed the ingredients of the following Takis products and found that nearly all have MSG. The exception is Takis Stix Flare.

Takis ProductMSG (Yes or No)?
Rolled Tortilla Chips – FuegoYes
Rolled Tortilla Chips – Blue HeatYes
Rolled Tortilla Chips – Crunchy FajitasYes
Rolled Tortilla Chips – GuacamoleYes
Rolled Tortilla Chips – NitroYes
Chippz – FuegoYes
Stix – FlareNo
Stix – FuegoYes
Crisps – FuegoYes
Waves – FuegoYes
Hot Nuts – FuegoYes
Hot Nuts – FlareYes
Pop! – FuegoYes
Kettlez – FuegoYes
Kettlez – Jalapeno TyphoonYes
Kettlez – Habanero FuryYes

Why Is MSG In Takis?

MSG is a flavor enhancer used in many foods. It provides an umami taste which is described as savory and meaty. It can be used to reduce sodium in foods as its flavor helps cut down on the need for salt.

Is MSG Bad?

To say that MSG has been looked at unfavorably through the years is probably an understatement. It all started in 1968 when a doctor named Robert Ho Man Kwok indicated he experienced health issues potentially from MSG consumption from eating Chinese-American food. His symptoms included heart palpitations and numbness.

Dr. Kwok advised that additional research be conducted to see if there was a link between MSG and health problems. Initial research found MSG to be harmful to the body but this research was found to be flawed (source).

Current evidence indicates that MSG is safe to consume. However, a small number of people may be sensitive to this food additive, especially when consumed in larger quantities. Some symptoms might include fatigue, numbness, headache, chest pain, flushing, and weakness. Additional research needs to be conducted on MSG sensitivity, however.

Final Thoughts

Takis is likely a snack food you will want to avoid if you prefer not to consume MSG. Be sure to read the product label ingredients for the latest information. Ingredients can change at any time and the label will provide the most accurate information.

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Image Credit – Like_the_Grand_Canyon/flickr