How Many Ounces Is A Hershey Kiss? – Answered

There are .16 ounces in a Hershey’s Kiss. This applies to the common milk chocolate candies.

We determined this by looking at the serving size on a bag of Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate. It was 32 grams for 7 pieces. This equals about 4.57 grams per Kiss. We can convert grams to ounces using an online conversion such as RapidTables which shows that 4.57 grams is approximately .16 ounces. So, there are .16 ounces in a single Milk Chocolate Kiss.

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Of course, Hershey’s makes other Kisses other than milk chocolate. Let’s take a look at how many ounces are in these candies:

Hershey’s Kiss VarietyOunces per Piece
Milk Chocolate.16
Special Dark.16
Milk Chocolate with Almonds.156
Birthday Cake.16
Candy Cane.16
Cherry Cordial.16
Cookies ‘n’ Creme.146
Vanilla Frosting.16
Hot Cocoa.16
Mint Truffle.16
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone.15
Sugar Cookie White Creme.15
Lava Cake.1646

Note that the varieties reflected in the above table are for the standard bite-size candies that are individually wrapped with foil.