Does Almond Joy Have Dark Chocolate? (Answered)

A popular candy that has been around for decades is Almond Joy. It is a candy bar made of chocolate, coconut, and almonds. But, does Almond Joy have dark chocolate?

No, Almond Joy does not contain dark chocolate. The primary components of an Almond Joy are a coconut filling, topped with almonds, and then surrounded in milk chocolate. The candy’s websites refers to the chocolate as “creamy” which is a good description of it.

If you prefer dark over milk chocolate, you may wish to try the sister product of Almond Joy known as Mounds. Mounds features a coconut interior which is covered by an exterior layer of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is made from semi-sweet chocolate, which is a form of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is made with chocolate, sugar, milk fat, lecithin, PGPR, vanillin, and milk.

The image below shows an Almond Joy on the left and a Mounds on the right. You can visually tell the difference between the two with Almond Joy featuring a lighter milk chocolate with its signature almonds whereas Mounds has no almonds but dark instead milk chocolate.

Check out our article on Almond Joy vs. Mounds for additional details on the differences between these candies. If you already have a favorite between them, please vote for it in our poll at the end of that article.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer of Almond Joy once produced a dark chocolate version of the candy (see the image below). It was fittingly called the Dark Chocolate Almond Joy. We never tried the bar. However, the Candy Critic indicates that it uniquely featured a brown coconut center that was possibly chocolate flavored. It’s certainly an intriguing version of an Almond Joy which we’d suspect that many fans of the candy bar would like to try.

Image Credit: Rakka/flickr