Does Sparkling Ice Have Sugar? – Answered

Sparkling Ice is a popular flavored sparkling water brand. The low-calorie beverage has added vitamins and antioxidants. But, what about sugar? Read on to learn if Sparkling Ice has sugar.

Sparkling Ice & Sugar

Sparkling Ice has zero sugar based on labeling requirements. However, this beverage is made with 1% juice so there is a “trace amount of sugar” according to the manufacturer. The amount of sugar is so small that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require the sugar to be listed on the packaging or label of Sparkling Ice.

The table below shows the various flavors and their sugar content. Since there is no meaningful amount of sugar in Sparkling Ice, all products reflect zero sugar.


Sparkling Ice FlavorServing SizeSugar(g)Calories
Black Raspberry17 fl. oz.0g5
Black Cherry17 fl. oz.0g5
Grape Raspberry17 fl. oz.0g5
Berry Lemonade17 fl. oz.0g5
Fruit Punch17 fl. oz.0g5
Cherry Limeade17 fl. oz.0g5
Strawberry Watermelon17 fl. oz.0g5
Strawberry Lemonade17 fl. oz.0g5
Kiwi Strawberry17 fl. oz.0g5
Pink Grapefruit17 fl. oz.0g5
Peach Nectarine17 fl. oz.0g5
Orange Mango17 fl. oz.0g5
Coconut Pineapple17 fl. oz.0g5
Classic Lemonade17 fl. oz.0g5
Lemon Lime17 fl. oz.0g5


Sparkling Ice FlavorServing SizeSugar(g)Calories
Blue Raspberry16 fl. oz.0g5
Black Raspberry16 fl. oz.0g5
Cherry Vanilla16 fl. oz.0g5
Watermelon Lemonade16 fl. oz.0g5
Orange Passion Fruit16 fl. oz.0g5
Strawberry Citrus16 fl. oz.0g5
Citrus Twist16 fl. oz.0g5

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How Is Sparkling Ice Sweetened

All Sparkling Ice products are sweetened with sucralose. It is an artificial sweetener and a sugar alternative. A brand name of sucralose is Splenda which most people are familiar with in the United States and beyond. It is about 600 times sweeter than table sugar, contains zero calories, and is void of nutrients.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other international health authorities, sucralose is safe based on existing research. Millions of people have consumed it since it was introduced in 1976 without any apparent issues. However, research is still being conducted on artificial sweeteners like sucralose. There is no guarantee that it will remain being considered safe as additional research is conducted.

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Image – Mike Mozart/flickr