How Much Sugar In Vernors? – Answered

Vernors was introduced in Detroit in 1866 which makes it one of the oldest soda pops in the United States. Many people use it to help ease ailments such as stomachaches because of its high carbonation. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking this beverage is healthy.

Regular Vernors has sugar and a lot of it. Of course, that’s what makes it taste so good to many ginger ale lovers. Let’s take a look at how much sugar is in Vernors:

Sugar In Vernors

The table below shows the sugar content for the various common sizes of Vernors. As the table shows, a 12-fluid ounce can contains 38 grams of sugar. In comparison, a Coca-Cola of the same size has 39 grams of sugar and a Mtn Dew has 46 grams.

Keep in mind that a single 12-ounce can of Vernors puts both men and women over the daily recommended added sugar intake amount of 36 grams for men and 24 grams for women as suggested by the American Heart Association. This soda is one to avoid or drink sparingly for people watching their sugar.

Serving SizeTotal Sugar(g)Added Sugars(g)Calories
7.5 fl. oz.24g24g90
8 fl. oz.26g26g100
12 fl. oz.38g38g140
16.9 fl. oz.54g54g200
20 fl. oz.64g64g240

How Vernors Is Sweetened

Vernors is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS is an extremely common liquid sweetener used in sodas and many other foods/beverages. It is made from corn that is processed into corn syrup that is made primarily of glucose. The manufacturer transforms some of the glucose into fructose for it to taste close to regular sugar. The end result for HFCS used in soda is a mix of about 50/50 of glucose and fructose, very similar to regular sugar.

HFCS should be consumed in moderation like regular sugar to avoid potential unwanted health issues. Health problems related to consuming an excess of HFCS or sugar include weight gain, obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease, and more.

Vernors Zero Sugar

In addition to Original Vernors, the manufacturer also makes Zero Sugar Vernors. Of course, it contains no sugars including added sugars. Vernors Zero Sugar also has no calories, caffeine, carbs, or fat. It is sweetened with the artificial sweetener, aspartame.

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