Did They Discontinue Salsa Verde Doritos? – Answered

Salsa Verde Doritos are still being made. However, they may be difficult to find at the moment. Let us explain…

In October 2021, Doritos stated on Twitter that Salsa Verde Doritos were temporarily not being made. Here is their response:

Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Doritos, states on its website that they “simplified our production to best meet the current consumer demand. As a result, we have temporarily paused the production of some items.” Frito-Lay goes on to state that they are working to get our favorite snacks back on store shelves as soon as possible.

Now, you’re probably wondering how will you know when Doritos Salsa Verde will be back on store shelves? We suggest visiting doritos.com/where-to-buy. On this webpage, enter your city/zip code, then select Doritos Salsa Verde from the product list, and then finally push the “Find” button. A list of stores near you will be displayed which carry the product.

As the pandemic, supply chain troubles, and related issues hopefully beginning to conclude, we should begin to see the less popular Doritos products begin to remerge on store shelves. If you’re curious about whether Taco Flavored Doritos are still being made, check out our article titled Do They Still Make Taco Flavored Doritos? to learn more.