Does Peace Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, Peace Tea does have caffeine. Most products with tea have caffeine since caffeine is naturally found in tea. The amount of caffeine in Peace Tea varies by flavor.

Peace Tea Caffeine

The table below reflects the caffeine content in each flavor. You may wish to select the Hello Mango flavor to maximize your caffeine content. If you wish to drink Peace Tea with the least amount of caffeine you should opt for Sno-Berry flavor.

Overall, the caffeine level in this tea is low for the all flavors and sizes below. There are numerous sodas, coffee beverages, and energy drinks with higher caffeine.

Peace Tea ProductServing SizeCaffeine(mg)Caffeine(mg)/fl oz
RazzleBerry1 Can (23 fl oz)231
RazzleBerry1 Can (15.5 fl oz)161.03
Just Peachy1 Can (23 fl oz)231
Caddy Shack1 Can (23 fl oz)231
Hello Mango1 Can (23 fl oz)321.39
Sno-Berry1 Can (23 fl oz)130.57
Pineapple Groove Zer-Oh Sugar1 Can (23 fl oz)301.30
Green Tea1 Can (23 fl oz)231
Sweet Lemon1 Can (23 fl oz)231

Peace Tea vs Other Beverages Caffeine

As you will see below, the caffeine content in iced tea varies greatly by brand. In comparison to the Peace Tea product above, the teas and Coke below generally have much more caffeine per ounce with the exception of Brisk.

ProductServing SizeCaffeine(mg)Caffeine(mg)/fl oz
Snapple Lemon16 fl oz372.31
Brisk Lemon12 fl oz8.67
Pure Leaf Unsweetened18.5 fl oz844.54
Honest Organic Honey Green Tea16.9 fl oz945.56
Tejava Original Black Tea16.9 fl oz704.14
Coca-Cola Classic12 fl oz342.83

Image CreditRusty Clark/flickr