Mountain Dew vs Coke Caffeine

Mountain Dew has more caffeine than Coke. Mountain Dew has approximately 4.5mg of caffeine per ounce whereas Coke has about 2.83mg per ounce.

Mountain Dew vs Coke Caffeine

Here is the caffeine in Mountain Dew and Coke for several popular serving sizes:

Serving SizeMountain Dew – Caffeine(mg)Coke – Caffeine(mg)
7.5 fl oz 34mg21mg
8 fl oz36mg23mg
12 fl oz54mg34mg
16 fl oz72mg45mg
16.9 fl oz77mg48mg
20 fl oz91mg57mg

Diet Mountain Dew vs Diet Coke Caffeine

The caffeine in Diet Mountain Dew is the same as regular Moutain Dew. However, this is not the case for Diet Coke. Diet Coke has more caffeine per serving compared to regular Coke. For example, a 12-ounce regular Coke has 34 mg of caffeine versus a 12-ounce Diet Coke which has 46mg.

When you compare the caffeine in Diet Mountain Dew to the Caffeine in Diet Coke, Diet Mountain Dew has about 4.5 mg of caffeine per ounce compared to Diet Coke which has around 3.83mg per ounce. Despite Diet Coke having more caffeine than regular Coke, the caffeine content is still less than regular and Diet Mountain Dew.

Serving SizeDiet Mountain Dew – Caffeine(mg)Diet Coke – Caffeine(mg)
7.5 fl oz 34mg28mg
8 fl oz36mg31mg
12 fl oz54mg46mg
16 fl oz72mg61mg
16.9 fl oz77mg64mg
20 fl oz91mg76mg

Mtn Dew Image – Brant Moore/flickr
Coke Image – Allen Cheng/flickr