Lower Sodium Hamburger Bun Brands

Unfortunately, most hamburger bun products on the market are not low sodium as you will discover below. However, if you’re watching your sodium intake and still want to enjoy a burger, there are a few options with reasonable sodium content.

Here you’ll find the sodium content of various hamburger buns products listed in order of their sodium content. We included as many hamburger buns that we could find with 350 milligrams (mg) or less of sodium.

We hope this information helps you discover a new hamburger bun to enjoy with at least reasonable sodium. Let’s get into it!

Lower Sodium Hamburger Buns

When it comes to packaged foods, a food is considered low sodium when it contains 140 milligrams or less sodium per serving. A standard serving for hamburger buns is one hamburger bun.

While keeping the above in mind, you’ll find several popular hamburger bun products and their sodium content for one bun in the table below. You’ll notice that nearly all buns have sodium content greater than 140 milligrams.

Overall, hamburger buns are, generally, not low in sodium. However, below you’ll find a few options with reasonable sodium content that may be suitable for some people who are limiting their sodium.

Before you purchase any of the hamburger buns below, be sure to check the nutrition facts on the product label for the most accurate nutritional data.

Hamburger Bun
Serving SizeSodium(mg)
King Hawaiian – Sweet Hamburger Buns1 Bun (46g)125mg
Ezekiel 4:9 – Sprouted Whole Wheat Burger Buns1 Bun (62g)140mg
Ezekiel 4:9 – Sesame Sprouted Grain Burger Buns1 Bun 150mg
Ezekiel 4:9 – Sprouted Whole Grain Burger Buns1 Bun 160mg
Smart Baking Company – Plain SmartBun1 Bun (60g)162mg
Smart Baking Company – Sesame SmartBun1 Bun (60g)162mg
Ovenjoy = Hamburger Buns1 Bun (43g)180mg
Sam’s Choice – Brioche Hamburger Buns1 Bun (50g)180mg
Nature Own – Butter Buns1 Bun (57g)190mg
Bunny – Burger Buns1 Bun (43g)200mg
Franz- Wheat Buns1 Bun (60g)200mg
Pepperidge Farm – 100% Whole Wheat Buns1 Bun (51g)210mg
Pepperidge Farm -Golden Potato Buns1 Bun (53g)210mg
Sam’s Choice – Keto Friendly White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (50g)210mg
365 By Whole Foods – Whole Wheat1 Bun (53g)220mg
Brownberry – Superior Keto Hamburger Buns1 Bun (43g)220mg
Franz – Sesame Hamburger Buns1 Bun (53g)220mg
Kroger – White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (43g)220mg
Pepperidge Farm – Soft White 1 Bun (51g)220mg
365 By Whole Foods – Classic White1 Bun (53g)230mg
Aunt Millie’s – Carb Smart Buns1 Bun (50g)230mg
Aunt Millie’s – Hawaiian Hamburger Buns1 Bun (60g)230mg
Great Value – White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (39g)230mg
Kroger – Enriched Sesame Hamburger Buns1 Bun (46g)230mg
Pepperidge Farm – Sesame1 Bun (53g)230mg
Pepperidge Farm -Sweet Hawaiian Buns1 Bun (51g)230mg
Publix – Hamburger Buns1 Bun (46g)230mg
Franz – Classic Hamburger Buns1 Bun (53g)240mg
Sam’s Choice – Sweet Hawaiian Onion Hamburger Buns1 Bun (53g)240mg
Aunt Millie’s – Stadium White Buns1 Bun (57g)250mg
Bunny – Restaurant Style Buns1 Bun (50g)250mg
Franz – Hawaiian Hamburger Buns1 Bun (53 g)250mg
Johnsonville – Honey Hamburger Buns1 Bun (60g)250mg
Kroger – 100% Whole Wheat Buns1 Bun (50g)250mg
Sunbeam – White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (43g)250mg
Angelic Bakehouse – Sprouted Seven Grain1 Bun (57g)260mg
Aunt Millie’s – Kaiser Buns1 Roll (66g)260mg
Aunt Millie’s – Whole Grain Buns1 Bun (60g)260mg
Dave’s Killer – Burger Buns Done Right1 Bun (62g)260mg
Aunt Millie’s – Onion Buns1 Bun (64g)270mg
Nature’s Own – Perfectly Crafted Brioche Hamburger Buns1 Bun (64g)270mg
Wonder – Sesame Twist1 Bun (53g)270mg
Arnold – Sesame Seed Buns1 Bun (57g)280mg
Ball Park – Burger Buns1 Bun (53g)280mg
Brownberry – Sesame Seed Buns1 Bun (57g)280mg
Dave’s Killer – 21 Whole Grains & Seeds Buns1 Bun (62g)280mg
Publix – Seeded Hamburger Buns1 Bun (46g)280mg
Arnold – Potato Buns1 Bun (57g)290mg
Arnold – White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (57g)290mg
Aunt Millie’s – Stadium Honey Buns1 Bun (60g)290mg
Ball Park – Everything Buns1 Bun (57g)290mg
Brownberry – Potato Buns1 Bun (57g)290mg
Brownberry – Hawaiian Buns1 Bun (57g)290mg
Sara Lee – Artesano Brioche Buns1 Bun (57g)310mg
Wonder – Classic White Hamburger Buns1 Bun (53g)310mg
Ball Park – Golden Hamburger Buns1 Bun (54g) 320mg
Arnold – 100% Whole Wheat Buns1 Bun (57g)330mg
Brownberry – 100% Whole Wheat Buns1 Bun (57g)330mg
Franz – Kaiser Buns1 Bun (74g)330mg
Franz – Onion Bun1 Bun (74g)330mg
Franz – Sesame Buns1 Bun (74g)330mg
Sara Lee – Artesano Bakery Buns1 Bun (67g)330mg
Aunt Millie’s – Butter Buns1 Bun (60g)340mg
Franz – Potato Buns1 Bun (74g)350mg

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Recommended Sodium Per Day

Different organizations offer varying recommendations regarding sodium intake. For example, The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 2,000 mg (2 grams) of sodium per day, while the American Heart Association advises a lower intake of 1,500 mg (1.5 grams) per day.

Overall, health authorities recommend somewhere between 1,500 to 2,300 mg of sodium per day at a maximum (source). This is much less than the 3,400 mg per day that most Americans consume.

Despite the recommendation outlined above, you should follow your doctor’s recommendation on sodium intake that is specific to your health.

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