Does Grape Nuts Have Added Sugar? – Answered

Grape Nuts are available in two varieties: The Original and Flakes. We will discuss whether these cereals have added sugar. As a spoiler, one has no added sugar while the other has a small amount.

Grape Nuts & Added Sugar

Original Grape Nuts have no added sugar. However, Grape Nuts Flakes have three grams of added sugar per serving size. Below are the nutrition facts outlining the sugar, added sugar, and other pertinent data for each cereal:

Original Grape Nuts

Serving Size1/2 Cup (58g)
Total Fat1g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.5g
Monounsaturated Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate47g
Dietary Fiber7g
Soluble Fiber1g
Total Sugars5g
Includes 0g Added Sugar
Vitamin D0mcg 0%
Calcium20mg 0%
Iron16.2mg 90%
Potassium260mg 6%
Vitamin B680%
Folate360mcg DFE (215mcg folic acid)

Grape Nuts Flakes

Serving Size1 Cup (43g)
Total Fat1.5g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.5g
Monounsaturated Fat0.5g
Total Carbohydrate34g
Dietary Fiber5g
Soluble Fiber<1g
Insoluble Fiber4g
Total Sugars7g
Includes 3g Added Sugar
Vitamin D2.1mcg 10%
Calcium10mg 0%
Iron12.6mg 70%
Potassium160mg 4%
Vitamin A40%
Vitamin B660%
Folate360mcg DFE (220mcg folic acid)
Vitamin B12100%

Grape Nuts Ingredients

A review of the ingredients of both cereals shows no added sugar for Original. However, added sugar is in Flakes as shown underlined below.

The Original – Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Salt, Dried Yeast.

Flakes – Whole Grain Wheat, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Malted Barley Flour, Canola Oil, Salt.

Recommended Daily Added Sugar

If you eat Original Grape Nuts, it will not contribute to your daily sugar intake. However, Grape Nuts Flakes do add a bit to the total with its 3 grams of added sugar per serving.

The American Heart Association recommends that men consume a maximum of 37.5 grams of added sugar per day. It is suggested that women have 25 grams or less of added sugar per day.

The 3 grams of added sugar per serving in Grape Nuts Flakes will not contribute greatly to your recommended daily intake. However, it’s something to keep in mind as you potentially consume additional added sugar throughout the day.

If you compare Grape Nuts to other sugary cereals like Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles with 12 grams added sugar per serving, you will find that Grape Nuts is one the better cereals to consume in regard to no or minmal added sugar.

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Image Credit – Neil McIntosh/flickr