Dr. Thunder Caffeine Content

Dr. Thunder is a brand of Walmart that is sold under its Great Value name. It’s considered one of the favorite Dr Pepper off brands with many people preferring its taste over the original. It comes in 2 liters and cans.

According to the ingredients listed on the bottle, this soda contains caffeine that is added during the manufacturing process. Read on to learn about how much caffeine is in Dr. Thunder.

Caffeine in Dr. Thunder

A 12 fluid ounce serving of Dr. Thunder has 41mg of caffeine. The table below reflects the caffeine in Dr. Thunder for various common serving sizes.

Serving SizeCaffeine
8 fl. oz.27.33mg
12 fl. oz. 41mg
16 fl. oz.54.67mg
20 fl. oz.68.33mg

Caffeine: Dr. Thunder vs Other Beverages

Here are a few beverages and their caffeine content. Most notably, Dr. Thunder and Dr Pepper have the same caffeine content. Overall, the level of caffeine in Dr. Thunder is moderate compared to other beverages.

BeverageServing SizeCaffeine
Dr. Thunder12 fl. oz. 41mg
Dr Pepper12 fl oz.41mg
Diet Dr Pepper12 fl. oz.41mg
Coca-Cola12 fl. oz. 34mg
Pepsi12 fl. oz. 38mg
MTN Dew12 fl. oz. 54mg
Sprite12 fl. oz.0mg
Red Bull12 fl. oz.114mg
Coffee12 fl. oz.144mg*
Black Tea12. fl. oz.63mg*