How Many Calories In 1 Starburst? (Answered)

One Piece of Starburst Candy

If you are on a diet or wish to minimize your candy intake, you may be interested in the calories in a single Starburst. Below we provide the full nutrition facts for one Starburst including its calories. We also provide a comparison of the calories in a Starburst to a single piece of other fruity candies.

Calories In One Starburst

One Original Starburst has 20 calories. Here are the full nutrition facts for one Starburst:

Serving Size1 Original Starburst
Total Fat.42 g
Saturated Fat.42 g
Sodium0 mg
Total Carbohydrate4 g
Total Sugars2.67 g
Includes 2.67 g Added Sugars

Calories: One Starburst vs. Other Fruity Candies

Now that we have established that there are 20 calories in one Starburst, let’s see how its calories compare to a single piece of other popular fruity candies. This information might be useful, for example, for someone watching their calories or opting to eat a minimal amount of candy.

CandyServing SizeCalories
Original Starburst1 Piece20
Original Skittles1 Piece4.1
Mentos Fruit1 Piece10
Original Mike and Ike1 Piece6.9
Original Dots1 Piece12.5
Tootsie Fruit Chews1 Piece24
Jujyfruits1 Piece9.09
Original Lemonhead1 Piece5
Gobstopper1 Piece10
Hi-Chew Original Mix1 Piece21.67