Do Pop Tarts Go in the Toaster?

Pops Tarts are fully baked so there is no need to warm them. However, many people prefer their Pop Tarts heated in the toaster. Heating Pop Tarts creates a pleasant gooey filling and a flaky crust that we believe elevates the taste.

Pop Tarts can be heated in the toaster by following these directions:

  • Remove a Pop Tart from its pastry pouch
  • Place the Pop Tart in the toaster on the lowest heat setting
  • Toast the Pop Tart until it is warmed through
  • Remove the Pop Tart from the toaster and cool it slightly before eating it

You can also heat Pop Tarts in the microwave:

  • Remove a Pop Tart from its pastry pouch
  • Place it on a microwave-safe plate
  • Microwave it on high for three seconds
  • Cool slightly before eating the pastry

Be aware not to overheat the Pop Tart pastries. According to the product packaging, the frosting and/or filling can become extremely hot and cause burns. You should always be cautious about taking the first bite of a Pop Tart since it has the ability to burn the mouth or other body parts. 

Additionally, overheating a Pop Tart can cause the crust to burn. If you are new to heating Pop Tarts, it is best to watch them the first few heating sessions until you get the heat timing right. 

Note that the packaging of Pop Tarts will have the full details on how to properly heat their product.