Does Peach Jell-O Have Red Dye In It? (Answered)

This article will inform you about whether Peach Jell-O has dyes, specifically red dye. Here is what you need to know about red dye in Peach Jell-O…

Peach Jell-O & Red Dye

Yes, Peach Jell-O has red dye. Red dye is used in the original and sugar-free versions of these gelatin dessert products.

Specifically, Peach Jell-O contains Red #40. It is a synthetic dye that has been approved for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). Other FDA approved synthetic dyes used in Peach Jell-O are Yellow #6 and Blue #1.

Red #40 is also called Allura Red AC and is one of the most popular dyes used in foods and beverages. It also can be found in cosmetics and medications.

Here are the ingredients for both varieties of Peach Jell-O:

Peach Jell-O Ingredients: Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic Acid, Contains Less Than 2% of Artifical Flavor, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Fumaric Acid, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1.

Sugar-Free Peach Jell-O Ingredients: Gelatin, Adipic Acid, Maltodextrin, Disodium Phosphate, Fumaric Acid, Aspartame* (Sweetener), Contains Less Than 2% Of Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame Potassium (Sweetener), Salt, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1.*phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine.

Be aware that Red Dye 40 may be linked to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHS) symptoms in children and potentially has other side effects from consume it. Read this GoodRX Health article if you are interested in learning more about the possible health effects of red dye 40.

Other Jell-O Products & Dyes

Jell-O products have dye in them to make their flavors consistent with their colors. For example, it is much more appealing to consume Orange Jell-O that is orange in color similar to the fruit compared to a color such as purple which we typically don’t associate with oranges.

The table below reflects the dyes used in the various Jell-O products listed below. Many flavors contain red dye but there are certainly options without it.

Jell-O ProductDye Used
OrangeRed 40, Yellow 6
RaspberryRed 40
StrawberryRed 40
Strawberry BananaRed 40
Strawberry KiwiRed 40
CherryRed 40, Blue 1
Black CherryRed 40, Blue 1
WatermelonRed 40
Island PineappleYellow 5, Yellow 6
Berry BlueBlue 1
Blackberry FusionRed 40, Blue 1
LemonYellow 5, Yellow 6
LimeBlue 1, Yellow 5
MangoYellow 5, Yellow 6
ApricotYellow 6
PeachRed 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1
GrapeRed 40, Blue 2
CranberryRed 40, Blue 1
**See the product label for the most accurate and up-to-date nutrition and ingredient information. Rely only on the product label to make buying decisions related to ingredients/nutrition.**

image credit – smabs sputzer/flickr