Mountain Dew Southern Shock Caffeine

Mountain Dew Southern Shock is currently exclusive to Bojangles fast food restaurants, according to Yahoo!. Since MTN Dew Southern Shock can only be found as a fountain beverage, the caffeine content in a serving will depend on the amount of ice used.

The table below outlines the approximate caffeine in MTN Dew Southern Shock based on the serving size and amount of ice in the cup. The less ice used means more caffeine in a serving size of small, medium, or large.

MTN Dew Southern Shock Caffeine – Fountain Drinks

Serving SizeAmount of IceCaffeine
Small (16 fl oz)None100mg
Small (16 fl oz)25% Ice90mg
Small (16 fl oz)33% Ice80mg
Small (16 fl oz)50% Ice70mg
Small (16 fl oz)75% Ice60mg
Medium (22 fl oz)None130mg
Medium (22 fl oz)25% Ice120mg
Medium (22 fl oz)33% Ice110mg
Medium (22 fl oz)50% Ice100mg
Medium (22 fl oz)75% Ice80mg
Large (32 fl oz)None190mg
Large (32 fl oz)25% Ice170mg
Large (32 fl oz)33% Ice160mg
Large (32 fl oz)50% Ice150mg
Large (32 fl oz)75% Ice120mg

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