Do They Still Make Trix Cereal?

Is Trix Cereal Still Made?

Yes, they still make Trix cereal. The brand is owned by General Mills who launched the cereal in 1954. It was a sugary and much more colorful spin-off of Kix. The original colors and flavors were orangey orange, lemony yellow, and raspberry red. However, additional colors were added over time.

Trix was originally ball-shaped similar to Kix cereal. However, from 1991 to 2006 the cereal was shaped like pieces of fruit. Of course, the shapes and colors were designed to represent the fruity flavors. After 2006, General Mills switched back to ball shapes. However, after lobbying by Trix fans, the fruity shapes are back!

In 2016, General Mills experimented with all-natural Trix. It included ingredients such as radishes and purple carrots that were used to create a healthier version of the classic cereal without artificial colors or flavors. Many Trix lovers did not appreciate this change because of the lack of vibrant colors and an inferior taste to the original Trix.

General Mills quickly learned that healthier isn’t always better. Shortly after the launch of the better-for-you Trix recipe, General Mills returned to the old recipe with ingredients such as corn syrup and artificial flavors. A review of the ingredients of Trix today reveals the following ingredients are in the cereal:

Whole grain corn, sugar, rice flour, corn syrup, canola oil, salt, trisodium phosphate, natural and artificial flavor, red 40, yellow 6, blue 1 and other color added, citric acid, malic acid. Vitamins and minerals: calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin c (sodium ascorbate), iron and zinc (mineral nutrients), a b vitamin (niacinamide), vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin b2 (riboflavin), vitamin b1 (thiamin mononitrate), vitamin a (palmitate), a b vitamin (folic acid), vitamin b12, vitamin d3.

Trix Trolls

The success of Trolls, the computer-animated films geared toward kids, inspired collaboration between General Mills and Dreamworks Pictures to produce a Trix Trolls cereal. It is called Trolls World Tour: Trix with Marshmallows. As expected, the cereal is super colorful including the tied-dye marshmallows.

Where To Buy Trix?

We took a look at a variety of stores to see who sells Trix and Trix Trolls cereals. Trix is widely available as you can see below.

StoreTrix Available for Purchase?Trix Trolls Available for Purchase?
Stop & Shopyesyes
Note that inventory can change without notice and can vary from store-to-store. Check with your local store for the latest information on if Trix is in stock.


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Trix Trolls Image Credit – Mike Mozart/flickr