Do They Still Make Nerds Rope?

Yes, they still make Nerds Rope. The candy is made by the Ferrara Candy Company who also makes other popular candies such as SweeTarts, Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Laffy Taffy, and many more favorites. Keep reading to see the various Nerds Ropes available for you to enjoy!

Classic Nerd Ropes

The three primary Nerds Rope flavors are rainbow, very berry, and tropical. To find out where to purchase one of these flavors near you, visit the Nerds Rope web page. Once on this page, click the “Buy Now” button next to the Rope flavor you wish to purchase. You will then see locations where to buy the candy online or at a local store by typing in your zip code.

Halloween Spooky Nerds Rope

Nerds Spooky Ropes are available for the Halloween season. They feature orange, purple, and white nerds with a red gummy interior. You can buy them on (see below) or we also saw them available at retailers such as Walmart, Five Below, Rite Aid, Michael’s, and Target around Halloween time.

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Holiday Nerds Rope

The Holiday Nerds Ropes are an excellent stocking stuffer. They feature the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and white, which surround the gummy interior. Just about any Nerds lover would love one of these as a gift during the holiday season.

Easter Nerds Rope

Easter Nerds Ropes are perfect for Easter baskets or just as a treat around this holiday. They have Nerds colored in the classic Easter or spring colors of light blue, light pink, white, and yellow. The interior red candy ropes are soft and gummy. Similar to the Halloween Nerds Ropes, this is a seasonal candy that can only be purchased around the holiday at most stores.

Valentine’s Nerds Rope

Forget the roses or the predictable heart-shaped box of chocolate this year and give your lover a Valentine’s Nerds Rope. Nothing symbols love more than Nerds. Okay, maybe we are exaggerating a bit, but we are certain that many people would enjoy receiving a Nerds Rope or two on Valentine’s Day.

Star Wars Nerds Rope

Yes, Nerds Rope even makes candy for fans of Star Wars. The blue raspberry flavor represents the Light Side whereas the sweet cherry flavor symbolizes the Dark Side. You can select your side by the Rope you choose or eat them both.

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