Do They Still Make Jolt Cola?

Jolt Cola, America’s first carbonated energy drink, appears to have been discontinued. It was reintroduced to the market in September 2017 and was being sold at Dollar General, Casey’s General Store, and on Amazon.

When you visit the Amazon Jolt page, it states that it is “currently unavailable”. Additionally, Jolt’s social media pages show comments of people not being able to find it at either Dollar General or Casey’s General Store.

Jolt has not updated its social media accounts since March 2019 and they have not responded to questions about whether Jolt has been discontinued or no longer in production on their social media. Wikipedia reports that Dollar General stopped selling Jolt shortly after March 2019.

The Jolt website is still active. We recommend visiting their website for the latest updates on Jolt. We did reach out to the company to see if its cola is still being produced. We did not receive a response.

Image – Kimmy Lindell Ekstrom