Coke vs Dr Pepper Caffeine

Coke (Coca-Cola) has less caffeine than Dr Pepper. Coke has about 2.83 milligrams whereas Dr Pepper has approximately 3.42 milligrams per ounce of soda.

Coke vs Dr Pepper Caffeine

The table below reflects the caffeine in Coke and Dr Pepper for their popular serving sizes.

Serving SizeCoke – CaffeineDr Pepper – Caffeine
7.5 fl oz 21mg26mg
8 fl oz23mg28mg
12 fl oz34mg41mg
16 fl oz45mg55mg
16.9 fl oz48mg58mg
20 fl oz57mg68mg

Diet Coke vs Diet Dr Pepper Caffeine

Diet Coke actually has a bit more caffeine than Diet Dr Pepper. Diet Coke has about 3.83 milligrams and Diet Dr Pepper has around 3.42 milligrams of caffeine per ounce.

Here is the caffeine content for popular serving sizes of Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper:

Serving SizeDiet Coke – CaffeineDiet Dr Pepper – Caffeine
7.5 fl oz 28mg26mg
8 fl oz31mg28mg
12 fl oz46mg41mg
16 fl oz61mg55mg
16.9 fl oz64mg58mg
20 fl oz76mg68mg

Caffeine: Coke and Dr Pepper vs Other Beverages

While regular and diet versions of Coke and Dr Pepper have caffeine, the caffeine strength is considered low to moderate depending on the serving size.

Below you will find a comparison of the caffeine in Coke and Dr Pepper versus other beverages. This should provide you with a good idea of the level of caffeine in these beverages.

BeverageServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Dr Pepper (Regular)12 fl oz41
Diet Dr Pepper12 fl oz41
Coca-Cola Classic12 fl 34
Diet Coke12 fl oz46
MTN Dew12 fl oz54
Diet MTN Dew12 fl oz54
Pepsi12 fl oz38
RC Cola12 fl oz43
Red Bull12 fl oz114
Monster Energy12 fl oz120
Coffee12 fl oz136*
*Source – USDA. Caffeine is approximate.