Baking Soda Brands – Three to Try

When it comes to baking soda, the market is dominated by Arm & Hammer. It is one of the most recognized names, not only for baking soda but of all grocery store brands. However, outside of the store brands (i.e Walmart’s Great Value Baking Soda), two other products can be readily found in stores. We will discuss Arm & Hammer and these other baking soda brands below.

Arm & Hammer


Arm & Hammer is a brand of Church & Dwight that has been around for approximately 175 years. It was started by Dr. Austin Church and John Dwight. In the 1970s, the marketing efforts of the company helped customers realize the benefits of baking soda beyond its traditional uses. For example, the company advertised that a box of baking soda would help reduce refrigerator odors, which helped greatly with sales of the product. Today, Arm & Hammer has expanded into such products as deodorant, cat litter, and toothpaste.

Bob’s Red Mill


Bob Moore is the founder of Bob’s Red Mill. Before the start of his company, Moore worked at many jobs unrelated to the natural foods business. These jobs included ownership in a gasoline station and manager of a tire store. In the 1960s, Moore read the book “John Goffe’s Mill” about starting a flour mill with zero experience. This book inspired him to seek out the equipment to start his own mill. Moore’s first mill opened in 1974 in Redding.

Today, Bob’s Red Mill makes over 400 products, many of which include whole grains. Of course, one of the company’s products is baking soda. It is 100% gluten-free and made solely from sodium bicarbonate.

Clabber Girl


Clabber Girl is best known for its baking powder, which is one of the top sellers in the category. However, the company also makes other high-quality baking-related ingredients such as corn starch and baking soda. The actual “Clabber Girl” pictured on the label dates back to 1899. It is unclear whether the drawing of the girl was of a real girl or one imagined by the artist.

Clabber Girl 100% pure sodium bicarbonate can be used for baking, deodorizing, and cleaning purposes. It can be purchased in 12 oz., 16 oz, and 5 lb. sizes. The company is owned by BGS Foods who is also behind other popular brands such as Ortega the taco seasoning brand, Cream of Wheat, and Crisco.